Battambang road leading to this spot is full of

Battambang is the capital of the province of the same name. This is the second city after Phnom Penh, with nearly 150,000 inhabitants. Founded in the 11th century, it rose twice under Thai control before being finally recovered by the French, for the benefit of Rouge in 1909.Attractions• Wat Ek PhnomThis temple adapts the architecture of 11th century and built in 1027 during the reign of King, Sorayak Varman I (1002-1050). Wat Ek Phnom temple is one of the most famous temple in Battambang province. Only 11 km from Battambang capital town, this temple is ruined through history but still keep its charm as a featured monument from the past.This is a popular picnic spot for Khmer during weekend as the road leading to this spot is full of beautiful countryside scenery. Drop by a village along the road; you can observe daily life of local with making rice paper, noodles and sticky bamboo rice. Visiting a local market to know about the most unusual smelly dish of Cambodian – fermented fish is also unforgettable experience.• Wat Tahm Rai Saw (White elephant pagoda)It is also one of the most famous and outstanding tourism spots in Battambang. Best time to visit this temple is during Khmer New Year festival to see colorful exterior decoration. Not only in special event but also in occasion, many amusement activities of traditional dancing are taken place here. The reason why they call it Pagoda of White elephant may be as the white elephant statue standing right in the entrance.• Barseat TempleThe temple is located on a hill at Ba Set village, Ta Pun commune which is 15 kilometers from the provincial town. Its architecture is from 11th century and the construction was from 1036 and 1042 under the reign of King Soriyak Varman I (1002-1050). Next to the temple, there is 20 meter length, 12 meter width and 10 meter depth pond as water reservation pond. Nowadays, coming to this temple, we can only see the frame house as the temple is seriously damaged.• Ba Nan templeLocated 22 km from Battambang centre town, Ba Nan temple is on the top of a hill along Sanker river. Contructed under the Angkor era, it follows the architecture of mid 11th century and the end of 12th century. This was started by King Ut Tak Yea Tit Tya Varman II (1050-1066) and finishes by the king, Jarvarman VII (1181-1219).• Prasat SneungThe complex contains 2 temple of East Sneung and West Sneung. The East Sneung is in the Sneung commune, Banan district. This is a 30m long and 20 wide brick temple built on the top of the hill. This is a temple of 3 separated stupa built during 12th century. The West temple is made of sandstone and located near National Road 57.• Museum of BattambangIt only cost $1 to visit a limited but attractive and special collection of carved lintel and artifacts Angkor era. Battambang Provincial Museum is situated in Kamkor village, Svay Por commune. It was established in 1963 by Madeleine Giteau. It is house for several notable pre and Angkorian collection of pottery, statuary, and musical instruments.• Kamping Pouy LakeKamping Pouy is located between 2 mountains of Phnom Ku and Phnom Kamping Pouy in Ta Nget village, Te Kream Srok commune. This is an artificial reservoir created by the Khmer Rouge using slave labor to build as a water supply channel for countryside around Battambang. Over 10,000 Cambodians is death due to malnutrition, disease, overwork and mistreatment during the construction of the dam so it is called “killing dam”.• Phnom SampeauThe killing caves of Phnom Sampeau are caves in Phnom Sampeau, a hill 7 miles (11 km) southwest of Battambang in Cambodia. The mountain is of karst limestone and has a group of temples located on it. Major atrocities occurred there during the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s. Many victims were bludgeoned to death and then tossed into holes which served as the skylights to the caves. Today there is a large glass memorial in the cave next to the skulls and bones and a golden reclining Buddha. It is reached via a staircase. A memorial, assembled from cyclone fencing and chicken wire, contains human bones at the base of the stairway.• Prek ToalPrek Toal is Biosphre covering 31,282 hectares at the most northwest part of Tonle Sap Lake. It can be reached by 2 hours on boat from Chong Kneas. This is a famous ecotourism and bird watching spot showing the rich diverse of flora, fauna and of course rare bird species. It may take nearly a day wandering around this bird sanctuary to observe the whole daily activities and beauty of all kind of bird species. Best time to visit this spot is in dry season.• Phnom KdoungPhnom Kdoung is situated 14 kilometers from the provincial town. Located at Kdoung Village at Banann District, it is also known as the Ship Sail Mountain and become increasingly popular among the domestic and international travelers at the city. It can be accessed by a taxi or jeep then trek down the village of Kdoung to view the Phnom Kdoung.