Based society. He stated that there are three classes

Based on his book, Republic, he stated that justice is based on individual engagement with society. In his book, he wished to make an Ideal State which justices will lead to a harmony society. He stated that there are three classes of society which are the rulers, the auxiliary and the artisans (skilled worker). The classes are based on the ‘royal lie’ propagate by the authority  about the God’s creations are divided into three type of human beings which are the first one is made of gold, the second is made of silver, and the third is made of brass or iron. The royal lie is made to satisfy the society and make them obey their specialized job based on their types. The job is divided based on that kind of human beings which the best one deserves to be a guardians, the second one as warriors and the last one as manual workers. So, justices is a principle of non-interference between the classes within society and individuals within each classes which ought to maintain a proper bounds between them. Justice is also made to cure the ignorance and the individual selfishness among the society.Aristotle, Aristotle’s Politics:Based on his book, Aristotle’s Politics, he stated that justices is lawful and consist of fairness including the equitable distribution and the correction of inequitable matter. Therefore, justice is divided into two types, distributive justice and corrective(remedial, rectificatory) justice in particular justices. Distributive justices is  proportionate equality assigned to each person according to their worth where it means that everyone should have their own right over something. This shows that he create an equality between different members in society which he thinks that as a justice action. While for corrective justices is for people who faced an injustices circumstances whether in voluntarily(selling, buying) or involuntarily(theft, adultery, assault) matter. This justices aims to protect someone’s freedom from invasion of one’s right over another parties. The government is consider good if they care for whole community welfare and bad when they care only for their individual purpose. This is why law should rules the people. If it is given to a people, he/she is more likely to rule for his own advantage, not for justice while justice is meant to be to the advantage of all.John Rawls’ Theory of Justice:Based on influential Harvard philosopher, John Rawls, we are imagine having to decide principles we would chose to see adopted in society, from a hypothetical ‘original position’ in which each of us is ignorance of certain crucial facts about our personal characteristics and our actual situation in society. (Cottingham, 1996)