Based overwhelming transition into college due to the help

Based on the RA description, I am most looking forward to helping students adjust to their roommates, floormates, suitemates, residence hall, and university communities. Being a first-year student, I did not have an overwhelming transition into college due to the help of JMU staff and students, especially my RA. I want to be able to help incoming students to have the same experience or even better of an experience upon joining the JMU community. I am confident that I can provide other students with helpful advice and experiences to help them become more responsible and successful individuals. Additionally, I am looking forward to assisting students with their personal and group concerns to the best of my capabilities within the limits of my training. I want the residents to be comfortable with talking to me about their concerns. When an issue occurs, I will make sure to listen to the residents, acknowledge the issue, respond appropriately, and provide solutions to make the situation better. Moreover, building a strong and positive working relationship with the Hall Director and peer staff members is another responsibility that interests me. Interacting with my fellow staff members is a great opportunity to work as a team to create a comfortable and friendly environment for the residents. Another responsibility that appeals to me is organizing events throughout each semester. I used to be the youth secretary at my church, and as the youth secretary, the main function was to organize events. Hosting events is appealing to me, for it is a great opportunity to build a stronger community and to socialize with others. On the other hand, the responsibility of opening, closing, and inspection procedures during parts of vacation periods is the least appealing responsibility.  However, this is an important administrative task that has to be done, and it is not a difficult task to complete. As a whole, this position is very straightforward, worthwhile, and enjoyable. This position requires a person to engage in different roles, and I believe that I will execute all my responsibilities to the best of my capabilities and it will make an impact in the JMU community.