Baron choose ourselves when we are born, where it

Baron d’holbach listed a few things which we humans have no control over. His list began with choice of birth(time, place, etc), choice his constitution (genetic make-up) and choice of education and upbringing. The first one states that we do not choose ourselves when we are born, where it happens, what religion we are, what time period and so much more. When we are born, that is all determined by our surrounding also the fact that the sperm cell that created you was out of your control. Every early stage of one’s life is determined. The second part which is the constitution, states that we had no control of the way our body would work and look when we were born nor do we have control of the way it works until the day we die. Ex: We can not choose to become thirsty, it happens to us when we do not drink enough which is the way our body works. If one drank water for hours and had the desire to be thirsty right after, it simply would not be in his control. That is the same argument for hunger, tiredness, sex drive, and many more. While there are ways for us to have a part when we are hungry and thirsty, if we do not eat or drink, the basic principles are beyond our control. The same is for our gender, race, disabilities, formation and others. Also if any changes to our health occurred during our lives, that too is uncontrollable. Someone could be extremely healthy and do everything correct to be in perfect shape and state of health, he could still go on and have cancer or any other problem which could be genetics or occur in other ways which is beyond our free will and is caused by determinism. Another point of his is that all of our thought are determined by the way our brain works and the experiences you have and although you are able to change your mind for any case that is already determined since your brain and everything you have experienced caused you to think that way. Others words and actions could cause you to change your mind or persuade you into doing another thing which is also beyond your free will since that is all being caused by within and the science which was the way you are created. All that is 100 percent true plus a lot more.