Badr Sustainable Procurement

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Badr Sustainable Procurement

  1. Seek a clear and public commitment to sustainability at the highest level of the organization
  2. Prepare thoroughly: early consideration of sustainability
  3. Set specific, and challenging sustainability from the outset
  4. Be an intelligent client: get the right people on board, define the project and set the budget
  5. Embed sustainability objectives throughout the team and supply chain
  6. Identify and use low impact responsibility sourced products and materials and ensure DOD supply chain management
  7. Create a structure that supports a collaborative approach whilst maintaining an environment of challenge
  8. Organize procurement so services can be shared Olympic Delivery Authority (ODD) What is ODD ?

Mission: “to deliver venues, facilities, infrastructure and transport on time for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralytic Games that are fit for the purpose and in a way that maximizes the delivery of a sustainable legacy within the available budged'(Olympic Deliver Authority, AAA: 24)

Procurement Teams

  1. Programs Procurement
  2. Project Procurement
  3. Corporate Procurement
    Procurement Practices Procurement of Works, Services and Goods through Multistoried supply chain Only first tier contractor contract directly with the ODD First tier contractor with tier two Tier two contractor with tier three etc. Balance Scorecard Pre-qualification Tendering ISO 20121 What is ISO 201 21 : Process-based standard providing management framework for addressing sustainability within events.


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