. at Dillard University, I’ve decided to make some

. College is one of the transitional stages between your
adolescence and maturity. Most of us often leave our homes at this time and
begin to live independently. We begin to comprehend how life works and start to
flow in the suitable direction. Before asking our parents for support though
they were always around; this is a time where you prepare for tough and
independent decisions and become fully responsible for your actions. These
decisions will have a tremendous impact on our lives. It’s going to be hard but
having faith anything is possible.

For my time at Dillard University, I’ve decided to make some
changes on how to cope with my time. One of my first steps is to establish
authentic goals; when you fully perceive what your goals are, you’re very
likely to both plan and befit from your time adequately. Goal-setting can help
organize when you have many assignments that need to be completed within a
tight timeframe. You will less likely procrastinate if you understand what your
goals are and why you want to accomplish them. Additionally, I would like to
obtain good grades and have an outstanding grade point average targeting to get
into my top choice Dental School.

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Future career goals are important, the goal I look forward
to is to give a patient a smile that they are proud to wear. Sometimes people
appearance affects their ability to successfully communicate with others; they
feel they have an unattractive smile. I’ve selected to become a dentist because
it authorizes me to be self-employed, work independently, utilize my artistic
ability, and express my creativity achieving fulfillment through helping others
that are valuable to me

Many people ask me what are my life goals when I was
younger; I wouldn’t know but once I’ve gotten older I took the time to set
personal life goals. Goals are the most important thing in a person’s life,
without them you would just be lost in the world and life is just going to pass
you by. My ultimate goal is to keep God first because life can get a little
difficult to stay focused on everything that life throws at you; no matter what
obstacles you face and what you go through, God should be your number one
priority; if you maintain your faith and strive to put him first, everything
else will fall into place. Last but not least is to finish college and have a
financially stable life; living a successful and happy life is about finding a
balance between time with your family and friends and between work and leisure.
My most important life goal is to become a dentist I’ve always dreamed of.

In summary, target setting gives long-term and short-term
inspiration. It gives self-assurance one needs to accomplish higher and
complicated goals. Setting goals and continually reminding yourself of them you
will work harder to accomplish them. In order to be successful, you must create
goals. I’ve have set many goals for myself; some I’ve accomplishes but many I’m
still working on.