At became more popular and more people started to

At 2 am in
the mountains of Japan there usually isn’t anyone driving on those roads at
that time, unless you’re a drifter. The smell of burnt rubber and gasoline
fills the air. The very tight and winding road is just inches from the edge of
the mountain with nothing but trees and darkness below. These are the type of
roads that racers started drifting on which slowly developed into an extremely
complex and unique style of drifting. The more people started to become aware
of this sport the more popular it became and the more it evolved into different
styles of drifting. Drifting groups and teams were created, tracks were opened
and races were judged based on certain categories due to how popular the sport
of drifting became. Drifting is now practiced in many countries all over the
world and every country has their own unique style of drifting.


Drifting was
a technique first used by rally drivers when they would slide or drift around
corners on various road conditions such as snow, mud or dirt. They would use
this technique to get around corners much faster than if they were to slow down
and take the turn without sliding the car. This technique was adopted be other
styles of racing such as touge racers as well as other sub cultures. Touge
drivers used this technique when racing down the windy mountain roads in Japan.
As this style of racing became more popular and more people started to hear
about it they started to develop their own style of drifting. This then gradually
developed into what we now know as drifting. The style of drifting we know
today is very difficult to master and takes a lot of practice and skill to
reach that point. This style of drifting was first only held in the mountains
where spectators were very limited but it slowly moved to the city streets of
Japan. This allowed for many more spectators to watch the races which intern
raised the popularity of this style of racing tremendously. According to a
rumor on the internet the current common style of drifting was made extremely
popular due to a man named Keiichi Tsuchiya, who is now known as “Drift King”. He
surprisingly was not a drifter at first. He was competing in a speed street
race and kept coming dead last. One race he decided to try sliding the car
around the turns to keep his speed up instead of slowing down and taking the
turn without sliding. Doing this not only amazed the crowd but he also won the
race. After the race, people were wondering how and why he did that and he
simply responded by saying that he was drifting.

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Drifting culture
has evolved extensively over the years, it is now practiced in many countries
all over the world. Due to this sport being so popular, drifting circuits have opened
to allow drifters to practice and drive freely without the dangers of racing on
the street. Having these circuits prevents drivers from drifting on public
streets and creating potential danger to both the drivers and pedestrians. Not
to mention attracting a lot of negative attention from the police. When drifting
on a track there are judges that critique your driving based on certain
categories and you are given a score at the end of the race depending on how
well you executed those categories.


categories include: racing line, angle, speed and impact. The racing line is a
line on the track that is set by the judges. They then critique you on how well
and how close you are able to follow that line. The angle of the car during the
drift is also a big part of the judging process. The greater the angle of the
car during the drift, the more points you will receive. The most difficult and
impressive type of drift you can execute is called a rear entry. A rear entry
is when you are about to drift a turn but instead of drifting it normally you
start the drift much earlier than you normally would. Doing this allows the car
to spin almost 180 degrees and slide into the turn backwards. Once you reach
around the midpoint of the turn you must counter steer and hit the throttle
which will allow the car to start sliding with the direction of the turn. The judges
focus not only on the angle of the car but also on the angle of the wheels when
you are counter steering during the drift. Another category you must fulfil is
speed. The fast you are able to enter the turn, complete the turn and exit it
the more points you will receive. The last category is composed of both impact
and showmanship. This is based on a few aspects such as how much smoke is
produced from the tires; how close the rear of the car is to the wall when
drifting as well as how close the cars are to each other when drifting together
with multiple people. Drifting with multiple people is called tandeming. You must
follow the exact same line move for move as the car in front of you in order to
stay as close as you can. The main thing the judges are looking for in this
category is how cool you can make the drift look and how original your style is
compared to the other drivers.