At 31%.Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is currently overseeing a

At the beginning, an Apple changed the world order.Eve taking a single bite changed the course of humankind (or as I must aptly call it in the context, Mankind). It changed the balance in favor of the gender on the other side of the scale.Things are changing nowadays .Women all over the world are ruling the Information Technology sector and are positioned at important and prestigious ranks in the top notch tech companies in the world. People are idealizing and looking up to these powerful personalities. COO Sheryl Sandberg has been named the most powerful woman in technology on the Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women list.She has a personal fortune of $1.4 billion, Sandberg is powerful not only as a billionaire and top executive at the world’s fifth most valuable brand, but also,she is a voice for female empowerment.YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, who has been increasingly outspoken about the gender gap in Silicon Valley. Since she took over YouTube in 2014, she has rapidly increased the number of female employees working there from 24% to 30%.Over that same time period, the number of women working at Google has grown by just 1% to 31%.Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is currently overseeing a sale of the  tech pioneer’s core business amid falling traffic and ad revenue.Lucy Peng  is a co-founder of Alibaba and CEO of affiliate Ant Financial Services Group. Zhou Qunfei , a Hong Kong billionaire, is currently the chair of Lens Technology.While this is somewhat motivating news, it’s important to keep in mind that the sample size for women is  much smaller than it is for men because only 6.4% of the total population in tech is female.Andwhile that number has increased nearly 50% since last year—it rised from 21 to 32.The number of women entering STEM fields has actually fallen down since the 1980s.Also A report reveals that women occupy only 11% of executive positions at Silicon Valley companies; only 9% of executive officers in Silicon Valley are women and only 25% of IT jobs are held by women  which is really sad.According to the National Center for Women and Information Technology, of all women only held just 25% of the total jobs in “professional computing technology” jobs in 2015.Things are changing though. After all, the tech space is perfect for women who want to have a big impact on society.InAsia,women are improving their entrepreneur skills.In China nearly 50%of internet startups are owned and run by women.Women are still in the minority. They only hold 25% of all computing  positions in Silicon Valley. New revelations of sexism  like Google’s James Damore, who was taken out of the company after penning a manifesto on why women are biologically inferior. In 1994, Anita Borg and Telle Whitney founded the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in computing,creating a conference by and for women computer scientists. The first Grace Hopper Celebration of women was inaugurated at Washington D.C. Two important goals behind the founding of the organization were to increase the number of women in technical fields and to enable the creation of more technology by women. It ran a variety of programs to increase the role of technology, build the pipeline of technical women, and ensure that women’s voices affected technological developments.These powerful Women continue to fight sexism and any bias against women.Kudos to the Woman power!!!    I love you grandmother.I love you mom.………………………………Hope you read this.