Assalamualaikum infrared lighting to search for criminals and find

and good morning everyone. I have some questions for you. What Is robots? What
the use of robots and why we will rely on it? Robot means work. It’s a
technical apparatus that actively and widely used for the purpose of
efficiency. Many countries are engaged in creating various types of robots and
lends funds for its through research and development. Robots were used for a variety
of jobs that humans just can’t afford to do that work. So today, I will tell
you three things why we will rely on robots. First, robot takes over the
dangerous jobs, as a support at work and at home, and helpful for the disabled.

There are
many types of job that could endangered human life. So, we need to rely on
robot because they can take over the dangerous jobs. Military robots were some
of the most high-tech and important robots that were used today. These machines
save lives by performing extremely dangerous tasks without endangering people.
Some common robots were used by the military are Explosive Ordinance Disposal
(EOD) robots, which are capable of examining suspicious packages and
surrounding areas to find and even deactive improvised explosive devices and
mines. They can even deliver unexploded ordinance for examination and proper
detonation. Besides, robots also make car manufacturing safer because they are
capable of performing a wide range of tasks such as installation, painting and
welding. Automotive industry robots isn’t restricted by fatigue or health
risks, therefore making them an incredibly useful and irreplaceable part of car

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Next, robots
will be as support at work and at home. Robots can perform jobs nonstop. This
are good for company to reduce costs. These thing also will help to fight
crime. Police robots with high-tech and remote controlled robots that are
equipped with front and back cameras, infrared lighting to search for criminals
and find their location without endangering a police officer. Moreover, robots
also were used as support for pharmaceutical research. There were hundreds of
sample must be tested with sensitive instruments, and robot will make it
easier. Furthermore, duct cleaning is done best by a robot. Robots provide a
more effective and efficient cleaning than manual brushes. Starting with
easy-to-do floors and window and eventually getting to toilets. Using duct
cleaning robots translates to quicker, safer and cheaper and more effective
cleanings without need of a human.

robots were helpful for the disabled. For people who have limited or no use of
their arms, it is equally as challenging to complete such tasks as making a
sandwich, putting away clothes, and shopping. There are many people would like
to drive their powered mobility device in parks, or across gravel roads, which
is difficult and sometimes it’s impossible with today’s technology. Likewise,
those with some severe disabilities also require a person to help them perform
tasks, such as adjusting their jacket, showing direction of road, buy something
when shopping which many of us take for granted. But, rapid-prototyping and
robotics provide some promising solutions to at least some of the challenges
faced by people with severe mobility and manipulation, and offer hope for
greater independence. Disability robotics was included wheelchairs, robotic
arms and others that assist disabled person of all ability levels. Robotic arms
are used to provide an alternative method to engage in joint play activities.

conclusion, we were’nt giving ‘good jobs’ to robots. Most of the time, we were
giving this robot jobs that we could never do. Without them, these jobs would
remain undone. Now, we know robots could take over the dangerous jobs, as a
support at work and at home, and also helpful for the disabled. We indeed need
to rely on robots. I’d like to leave you with this interesting quote” “. Thank