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As of 2015, 2.7 billion people were live on the Internet; and we saw an increase of 60 times largely from the Asia Pacific. The Internet user growth in India is up by 40% in 2017. Do we still need a reason to digitize our approach to business?77% of businesses in the US believe that digitization will help with a digital presence which maximizes customer acquisition.Capturing data on paper is time-taking, old-school and storing data is another issue that comes with paper forms.Find the pros of saving all your data electronically:1.     The Ease of Customization: You can create your own mobile form in minutes, which can be compatible with any device. With the ability to make customer-friendly PDF’s with your company’s logo, your colors, and your brand, you can make an impression on the client by showing initiative and technological innovations when required.2.     Accelerate your Work Processes: Instantly email your data to customers, colleagues, and partners. Swiftly assign jobs with the dispatch service that comes with Mobile Data Capture and also handle approvals with mobile workflows and conditional logic.3.     Increase Field Productivity: Provide workers with the tools and real-time information they need to perform their tasks efficiently and accurately. This, in turn, increases the productivity of the workers, thus increasing the output of the company and expand business.4.     Inspections: Inspections can be recorded instantly on mobile forms by inspection managers and the location of the inspections can be recorded instantly through GPS connectivity.5.     Embed external data: Embed your business data into the mobile forms app to provide your field teams with real time access to office data, from customer information and parts lists to instructional videos and safety manuals.This data can later be recorded and saved for future references, which in turn could help workers to save time and increase productivity at the workplace.6. No programming required: With readymade mobile forms, there is no need for any lengthy codes to create these forms. Save time, save money, and be a success at work by reducing the stress. Make things simpler and be a hero at your workplace.7. Do More: Capture electronic signatures, pictures, GPS coordinates and payments. You can perform calculations, work online or even offline and do more than you could ever do with paper forms and manual processes.8. Speed: Sophisticated mobile forms can be created which can be changed to suit the job and trigger actions that depend on specific answers to field selections. This includes speeding up the form completions with repeatable sections.9. Integration with ease: Connect your data with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, MS Excel and Evernote. All your information can be taken into other systems with our API.10. Connectivity: Mobile forms can be submitted and filled out with or without connectivity on site. Forms are auto-sent once network is restored.