As the new bartending responsibility was handed to me.

As someone with an insatiable desire to learn
and take on new challenges, I was very excited to come across the Bloomberg
L.P. software engineering internship, on the company website. Due to my strong
interpersonal and technical skills, proficiency in Java and C++, educational
background, and determination to succeed, I would be an excellent addition to
your office.

Strong interest in technology and computer
software design propelled me to learn coding independently using books and
online material. The more I learned, the greater my interest in coding grew,
eventually leading me to University of Florida School of Engineering with a 4.0
GPA. Having an opportunity to learn from top industry professionals at
Bloomberg L.P. and use my existing knowledge and skills would very exciting.

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For over four years now, I’ve had the
opportunity to mentor homeless and substance addicted individuals. Providing
guidance that leads individuals from homelessness and addiction to fully functioning
lives has been challenging, but also very rewarding. It has taught me the value
and meaning of mentorship and unwavering leadership. Consequently, I am always
looking for ways to grow and improve myself, which is something that this
internship would allow me to do. As a quick learner who thrives on challenges
and teamwork, I would learn quickly and be able to successfully collaborate
with other members of the team.


Years of experience working in a demanding
fast-paced high-pressure environment where multitasking is essential, has
provided me with the skills to think and make effective problem-solving
decisions quickly. For instance, our restaurant bartender quit abruptly leaving
the bar unstaffed. Being a head server, the new bartending responsibility was
handed to me. Without any previous bartending experience, I had to learn
promptly. As a result of communication with managers and my ability to solve
problems rapidly this was another successful work day. From then on, I was now
kept bartender on the busiest night of the week. 

Interning, and possibly one day applying my
passion, skill and creativity for the growth of Bloomberg L.P. would truly be
an honor. I greatly appreciate your consideration of me for this internship. I
look forward to learning more about the opportunity from you in person. You can
reach me on my cell phone, 732-277-6635, or by email, [email protected]
My resume is attached for your reference, but please don’t hesitate to contact
me with any questions.