As my life through rose-tinted spectacles and not thinking

As a child, I tend to make my
dreams and set my goals for life. From time to time my goals are stretched
beyond ordinary limits and occasionally a fairytale-like. I often see my life
through rose-tinted spectacles and not thinking about the sidetracks that life
will throw my path. At that period of life, my goals tend to be less focused
and somewhat impossible to reach. Nevertheless, as I grow up and mature more I
tend to organize and center my goals. There are distinct types of goals:
personal and career goals.

To begin with, my personal goal for
life is to be able to travel the world. Travelling makes it possible for me to
gain knowledge of new culture and it connects me with the world beyond my front
doorstep. For instance, observing different religion and customs. Whenever I
travel I gain the ability to be versatile and handle challenges,
notwithstanding of difficulty or language barrier, and makes the challenges day-to-day
life tosses my way appear distant more reasonable. Planning ahead makes this
goal seem far from being impossible. One specific step I needed to undertake is
to create my budget. Which I would consider being my short-term personal goal.
Traveling doesn’t need to be expensive, or it could be. However, it
fundamentally depends on my priorities.  A
good comprehension of how much I could save each month helps me to shape this
goal. In addition, it gives me a better idea where to go.

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            On the
other hand, lately, I found myself at the crossroad in life. I needed to think
about what I really wanted to accomplish. Then I ask myself if I should continue
the same path that I have planned before or should I take a side trip that will
lead me to new opportunities? After pondering about it, I set my career goal. My
long-term career goal is to become a General Surgeon with a specialty in
Oncology. I have learned that my long-term goal would be best accomplished when
I separate it into short-term goals. For one, I want to finish my studies and
obtain a degree in Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences. During the years
in this program, I would gain knowledge about biochemical, physiological
function, anatomical and histological structures and many more. With a degree
in this field, it would help me get into medical school and finish it with
flying colors. Afterwards, I will immediately work on my residency towards on
becoming what I really wanted to be for the rest of my life, a doctor.

            Although I wasn’t
born with a silver spoon in my mouth, my parents are the ones who help me shape
my goals. My parents are the huge part of my life. Sometimes, I am not fully
aware how much of an impact they have on me. As I grow up, I begin to distance
myself and become independent. But still, I hold them close to my heart, and
the reason that I am here because of them. I will always be grateful for them
for bringing me into this world and walking with me every step of the way, even
in the difficult times. They continuously fight for the best so I could attain what
is best. They are my role models, my guardians, and the people who will support
me no matter what. So, they are the reason why I wanted to pursue my passion. Because
I wanted to give back all the hard works and sacrifices they have and will be
given to me. Even though it seems quite impossible to reach these goals and the
fact that we could not afford my studies, but due to my perseverance and
determination, no one and nothing would come across my path towards achieving
my dreams.