As it’s truth, but because it acts as a

As I
walk out the door of the house of reverend Parris, I am relieved of a musty
smell of what can only be the cinder from the lit candle by the bedside of
young Betty Parris. Burning for what seems like many a week ago. In the same
way, I am relieved of any that think to accuse me of witchery. I have struck
when the time is right. Several of the women in the room in a frenzy calling
out names, much like attendance at Sunday Mass, accusing anyone that come into
their mind. Joining in the madness by calling out the likes of Sarah Good,
Goody Osburn, Bridget Bishop, Goody Sibber and Goody Booth. Y’see accusing
others of conjuring or embracing any kind of compact with the devil has one
sole purpose. Not because it’s truth, but because it acts as a conduit for
escaping witchcraft plaguing your own name. I have tried to deny any
accusations that have come my way, especially the dancing in the woods. When
anyone shall mention my name and witchcraft in the same sentence, it is simple
to divert the attention to someone else. Much like I did, along with several
others, when we were in a fever shoutin’ names we’ve known for years while
blamin’ them for sorcery of any kind. This way people completely overlook what
people have said about you not minutes before. Even when they do charge and
question you, if you are tactful enough, you can think of so many different
ways to get people talkin’ about someone else. Which is just what I did to that
slave Tituba. They know I drank a charm, so I accuse the Barbados woman of
forcing me to do it. Once you convince the people around you to believe your
lies on multiple occasions, when you lie in the future, there should be no reason
for them to stop believin’ you. This is what I hope for. Now that I have left
that upper bedroom filled with several that are base and clueless that Tituba
has saved me from the court. I’ve confessed my sins and accused others.
However, I am not accusin’ for a moment. I leave that house for one reason
only. That Goody Proctor will not stand in my way any longer! I will unleash my
revenge on her for taking my John Proctor away from me. What better way to get
him back then to get rid of her! I need to accuse her of witchcraft if I want
to settle the score betwixt us. I am now at the end of my trek, standing in
front of the meeting house. As I peer through the window, I see Judge Hathorne
and Judge Danforth sitting at the meeting table, submerged in the heavy beams
of light, talking to each other. I open the door and walk towards them to have
my revenge on that no good Elizabeth Proctor!