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As the hot Jersey sun beat down on my neck, a fastball zoomed past my bat and into the catcher’s glove. After yet another strikeout, I walked back to the dugout disillusioned. Thoughts of disappointment filled my psyche, as my certainty gradually disintegrated. I was unaccustomed to anything less than success. Before secondary school I flourished in youth games. While living in Edison I had an extraordinary softball mentor, who transformed my crude potential into progress on the baseball field. Sadly my dad’s profession requested that we move before my softball season was finished. Without me, my team went ahead to win the city and state title. When I was younger my family’s moves did not influence my athletic ability. The challenges started when I was torn from my tight knit community in Edison, and compelled to change in accordance with life in Piscataway preceding the begin of my freshman year. I struggled to regain the dear companions and connections I’d deserted.For the first time in my life, I felt totally alone and high  school softball was simply the chance to establish myself among my new peers. Certain from my past encounters, I arrived at my new schools softball tryouts anticipating success. I was miserably unprepared contrasted with the ability of the sixty committed competitors who went along with me. As tryouts advanced, my anxiety developed, which prompted my dreary execution. In the long run, I was cut from the team. My odds of playing softball again, yet more critically, being able to make friends in my far off new home were no more. At that point I met Sreya. Two or three weeks after tryouts, as I was studying by myself at lunch to avoid the judgemental eyes of my new classmates. I look over the cafeteria to see another solitary student likewise covered in her coursework. With a new burst of social certainty, I acquainted myself with Sreya who was an Indian refugee. I identify with her battle as a new student, soon acknowledging how comparative we were. Sreya battled with steadiness, an opportunity in her new home. While I looked for structure and friendship in the wake of my own migrant way of life. I discovered that Sreya was approached to play for the varsity field hockey team, something seldom even asked of sophomores. Her dad had rejected her the opportunity, trusting his girl had more imperative responsibilities regarding her family and school work. Notwithstanding Sreya’s persistent hard working attitude she was denied the freedom to encounter her passion. While I couldn’t work hard enough to understand mine. Sreya’s fellowship enlivened me to work harder and perceive opportunity. While I helped her dream greater as she integrated into American culture. I re-focussed my endeavors on my athletic preparation, enthusiastically enhancing my catching mechanics. Additionally, starting to set new objectives in the classroom too, accomplishing more than I at any point thought conceivable. My commitment and versatility brought about my determination as the softball teams essential centerfielder the following year. While my direction to Sreya in the end drove her dad to rethink his daughters field hockey interest. Sreya overwhelmed the varsity field hockey team the following year. Sreya helped me center my objectives, while I helped her grow her points of view in the realm of her own possibilities. Although coming from various sides of the globe, we had much in like manner. We’re both unique students with our own special deterrents and together we conquered them. Despite the fact that I’ve moved far from Sreya, I still talk with with her regularly. I’m never again satisfied with mere success be that as it may, continually defining new objectives to expand upon my past accomplishments. Achievement genuinely merits falling flat, when tempered with diversity.