As be enhanced in a similar manner in order

As the generic trend is being observed, it can be
predicted that there is a vast possibility of French Cuisine, in particular the
classical course menu would be losing their sheen. This can be supported by the
fact that the current generation is moving towards a fast food culture due to
time constraints, the current generation is inclining towards ready to eat food
products. Also the ease of preparing such food products can also be cited as
one of the reasons for the downfall of French Cuisine. The preparation time for
the dishes is also quite long and given the constraints of time nowadays it
becomes difficult for one to put in enough time to prepare such delicacies.
Lack of expertise in the French cuisine can also be correlated to another major
reason for the downfall of the same.


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In order to ensure that the French Cuisine lives up in the coming future as
well, it is quite important to understand the need of the current and future
generations. Current generation needs food that is readily available and easy
to make and easily available that fills their appetite, so considering this
aspect the French Cuisine should be developed in a fashion that it caters to
the need of people. So reducing the number of courses and increasing the
portion sizes in addition to the already existing importance of food plating
could really be helpful in this scenario (Ganter, 2004). Also the concept of molecular
gastronomy is now rising in the market, so if French food can be used along
with the molecular gastronomy it can definitely create something exciting that
the French Cuisine can offer and can help in keeping the French Cuisine alive
in the upcoming time as well (Center food and
gastronomy, 2018).


It’s quite difficult to find any country other than France who see food
as art, French Cuisine can be considered as the holy grail of all the cuisines.
Training in traditional French Methods and Cooking techniques is a basic
necessity for an upcoming chef irrespective of his/her country of origin (Food, 2015). But given the fact
the world is moving at a rapid pace, the French cuisine on a whole should also
be enhanced in a similar manner in order to keep up with the demands and expectations
and also retains its position as one of the most esteem cuisine ever.