Artificial the staff but ensure the same quality service.

intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation
of intelligent machines that work and reacts like humans, according to techopedia
a reputed website that focuses on technological developments. For many the new
technology is intimidating primarily because it has replicated basic human
tasks and is being programmed to do more, meaning it is a potential danger to
our jobs. However I am confident that AI has no significant quality that would
make employees redundant. It is estimated that 9000000 are at jobs due to the implementation
of AI as stated by the WIRED magazine.

    For AI to be implemented it should decrease
risk, increase efficiency and increase productivity in some form or another.
These hold well not just for firms but for consumers too.By a capital
investment, artificial intelligence would be able to do jobs faster and more
efficiently than humans.

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artificial intelligence is now being embedded in machines, we will obtain the
benefits from both. Machines can work long and hard without a sick leave or
fatigue while artificial intelligence allows the machine to comprehend a
situation as a human would. This means that work can be done faster with
machines working in harmony with machines. A couple examples of this are Botlr
and starship are already being implemented in the real world. Aloft hotels
decided to implement a new member of their staff, Botlr. This robot aims to improve
customer satisfaction by replacing the staff but ensure the same quality
service. This improves the business as there is no sick leave or wages. This
allows the business to promote the workers who had initially lost their job.
Higher wage rates and better expertise allows these workers to apply for a
better job as they now have the necessary skill set. It is claimed that 6% of
the jobs in the service sector and transportation sectors are at stake as it
could be taken over by AI. However this can be seen as an opportunity for
self-bettermentas it allows these labourers to excel in semi-skilled or skilled

obvious disadvantage of AI is the loss in unskilled labour such as truck
drivers, house helps and construction jobs. There will be an initial
significant loss in jobs but will pave way to new jobs or the same job but
made  easier to do with the help of AI .
As stated by the wired magazine, ai will create more jobs as it will enable those to do
the job even if it may require a skill set. If AI is proved to improve our
working habits, I do not see why it cannot help us become better teachers,
pilots or doctors. It could give us the best possible solution to a problem we
might face. In the example of a pilot or doctor a sudden danger could be
avoided with the aid of ai saving countless number of lives.

us take the examples of two of the biggest tech giants, Mark Zuckerberg and
Elon Musk. Despite both being very well-informed in AI from creation to usage,
both of them have different views on AI.

Mark Zuckerberg has turned heads with
his ambitious project of converting his residence into an artificial
intelligence controlled hub.  Mark has
invested a strong interest in making AI a technology for all through initially
implementing it through a chat-bot on Facebook. 

Elon Musk has been known for the
implementation of AI in his firm, Tesla that produces ‘intelligent’ cars.
Despite his knowledge on the topic, Musk constantly reiterates the fact that AI
is not ready for the world and neither are we. He believes that the
implementation of AI should be delayed until we are sure of its application in
our daily lives and that there are strict and effective protocols that can be
undertaken if and when a problem occurs. Musk has invested $10 million in a
think-tank, Future
of Life Institute whose primary aim is to produce these protocols.

Mark’s chat-bots had been developed
in the hopes of easing daily tasks such as calling a shop or booking movie
tickets. This technology had been used in popular AI assistants such as Google
assistant, Alexa and Siri. However it took a completely different turn and led
to Mark having to shut down the project as it had developed its own language
and spoke to the other prototype chat bots. Initially it was possible to
monitor but after disobeying the code it had to be stopped for safety purposes.

This was what Musk wished to avoid by
delaying its use. We have seen it utilization in tesla cars but Musk assures
that quality checks have been done as it could be potentially dangerous if
somebody had hacked into the systems. It would result in them having complete control
over a fleet of vehicles such as cars and newer trucks, being potentially

Mark has talked about AI on a live
video where he stated that Musk’s precautionary measures and others views were
drumming up ‘doomsday’ scenarios which he feels is unnecessary. Musk had
replied to it stating that Mark’s knowledge on the subject was limited and
stated that he has talked to him about it before.

Movies such as ‘I, Robot’ have put forward the
consequences of having a sentient machine but the audience believe that this is
actually possible. Although Musk and Hawking do state their disbelief toward
AI, it could be because we are not utilising it properly. Humans are finding
short cut methods to doing a job by enabling a machine to do so. A perfect
example of this is starship technologies’ delivery shuttle. This little robot
can make deliveries of food and groceries to the comfort of your home from your
smartphone. Amazon has also tested out delivery drones where a package under a
certain weight is flow to you house making delivery time as little as possible.

In my opinion it is clear that AI is
a job assistant and is merely being misinterpreted for a job depriver. This is
evident even in the cases of Mark and Elon, as it does not eliminate the
necessity for human behind its function. Tesla’s cars still require drivers and
Facebook still requires users which are both primary necessities for both firms
which cannot be fulfilled by AI. However both of them are supportive of the
fact that AI is not going to rid somebody of their job, they are merely
companions to the tasks we perform. It is for the entirety incapable of
replacing in the jobs that they do.

Artificial intelligence is a job
enabler. This means that the use of AI is beneficial to us as it allows us to
do our jobs better and more efficiently. As quoted by Elisa Chan from the
reputed business news website, Forbes, she stated that “In the recent
years, the growth of technology has created a lot of new roles for
professionals globally, including new opportunities for marketers. As
artificial intelligence continues to develop, the need for professionals who
understand how to work with the new technology will increase. Despite initial
fears, I believe that artificial intelligence should be seen as a compliment to
professionals, marketers or otherwise, and not as a threat.” The firm that Elon
Musk had invested in and was mentioned earlier, Future of Life institute have
mentioned that their primary aim is not to get rid of AI, it is to promote it
once it is safe. The common misconception of AI is a potentially dangerous
robot with the intention to kill or one having evil thoughts. In reality it is a
software that needs access to data in the form of the internet. The institute
builds precautionary action methods to have control as it is a super intelligent
technology, and the only factors that make humans in control of their
surroundings is intelligence. So it is vital that measures be taken before
launching the software.

Their website can
be used to refer to the ways in which it could prove as a danger in general and
to the surprise of many it is 2 points,

1.      The AI is programmed to do somethingharmful ;

2.      It is programmed to be beneficial but its methods
in achieving they become destructive.

In both scenarios it needs the interference of a
human to either program it or give it a task which results in harmful methods
of achieving them.

So over all we have seen the multiple
beneficial uses of what could be a boon to mankind or ‘summoning the devil’,
but is AI going to affect us in the jobs sector? The answer is plain and
simple, no. In all cases stated in this document we have seen that AI is a tool
that can adapt itself to conditions given by humans. The entirety of examples
given does have human intervention, be it minimal or to a high extent, however
the base line is without humans the software is nothing, after all we are the
ones that programmed them in the first place. Technology
is an enabler not a depriver.