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ArgumentCole’s paper1-26-18WritingAre Sports Too Competitive?Sports are one of the most common activities to do in America. However, due to injuries, financial problems, and long-term effects, many people believe that sports should be eliminated. Injuries like concussions are affecting kids in school and other daily activities. Sports should be eliminated from America, because while it teaches good leadership skills and teamwork (2014), it is also more dangerous than some people might think.  The most important reason that sports should be eliminated is because it causes a lot of injuries. Too much hard hits are undiagnosed every week (Schwarz, 2009). People who play sports often get head injuries, such as concussions, brain damage, and memory loss. This is important because too much of these can lead to death. A recent Michigan study concluded that in the 2015-16 school year, all high schools in the state had a total of 4,452 head injuries, most of which in football (Newsela staff, 2016). Sean Morey, an Arizona Cardinals player, said: “This is about more than us- it’s about the high school kid in 2011 who might die on the field because he ignored the risks of concussions,” (Schwarz, 2009).  Another reason why sports should be eliminated is the financial problems it causes. The estimated cost of sports is $671 per year, including the uniforms, registration, and equipment. At least one of five ends up spending $1,000 (Visual News, 2013). This is important because it could lead to poverty or worse. Parents would also have to pay if their child gets injured while playing sports. The average hospital stay for concussions is $34,030 (Medore, 2014). And that doesn’t include the CT Scan, the emergency room visit, and the medical bill. My final reason why sports should be eliminated is because of the long-term effects. A study by the NFL led to the conclusion that retired NFL players get Alzheimer’s disease 19 times more than other men (Schwarz, 2009). This is important because it can affect daily tasks, financial problems, and their jobs. However, Alzheimer’s disease isn’t the only long-term effect caused by sports. When playing sports, you could tear your ACL, strain your hamstring, get permanent damage, and more. Those injuries could affect someone for the rest of their life (Jin, 2017). It’s true that sports can provide healthy lifestyles, teach youth important skills, and gain great speaking abilities (2014). But those skills don’t matter when kids get seriously injured. If a kid gets wounded, (or possibly killed) then it won’t matter if he/she learned something or not.Sports may be one of the most common activities, but it’s also one of the most common problems. Have you ever heard of the term, “Safety First”? This is the term we should be considering when looking at sports. Based on countless injuries, financial problems, and long-term effects, sports is one of the most dangerous/costly activities in the world. Therefore, we should eliminate sports from America. Works CitedNewsela | Nation’s Largest Study of Student Athlete Concussions Conducted in Texas,”Alzheimer’s Disease ; Dementia.” Alzheimer’s Association,, Alan. “Study Indicates Higher Rate of Dementia in Former N.F.L. Players.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 29 Sept. 2009, “High Cost of Youth Sports.” The Huffington Post,, 21 June 2013,, Josh. “Concussion costs usually passed on to families.” Concussion costs usually passed on to families, 27 July 2017, 7-27-14,, T. K. (2017, April 21). 10 Sports Injuries with Lifelong Consequences. Retrieved January 26, 2018, from