Are movements. If your lucky though you might actually

Are  you sure Ghosts don’t exist ? Well, there is tons of evidence to prove that ghosts do exists and can haunt people. That’s right ghosts aren’t only in scary movies, they live in the real world too!Moving ObjectsEver had objects move or turn on by themselves? Well, ghosts can do just that because they have human movements. If your lucky though you might actually see the ghost in the act. You might find it creepy at first, but it can actually be pretty cool after you see it more than once and see the ghost itself.Visible or Invisible?Going from the end of the last one ghosts can be invisible and visible. Some people say they can see ghosts and it’s true just like cameras. Sadly, ghost are mostly invisible when they do whatever they are doing but you can always sense or hear them when there around. Revenge or no?Then again when someone dies their spirits can get left and then they become ghosts. Ghosts don’t always come in that way but that’s the most common way. The most other common two ways are that there innocent and just stuck there OR they’re here for revenge. Most likely there nice or mischievous.I mean you can befriend a ghost but I wouldn’t recommend that because you don’t really know what they are and what there here for. Where are they located?While saying this ghost can be found anywhere in the world, there’s no escaping them! In any continent, state, and cities you can find at least one. You can also most likely see one at a building, field, mountain and more areas. It’s almost like there always watching you. While ghosts can go to different places so if you move because your house is haunted that ghost can follow you wherever you go.Ways to get rid of them.But don’t worry there are rituals and exorcisms to get rid of them. Some people do/say sage or lighted candles or even the bible! Rituals are when an item or thing is possessed or haunted and you do certain events to get rid of it. Exorcisms are when people or living things have a ghost inside of you and you also have to do/try different things to get rid of the spirit inside of you.Ghosts are real!But wait! Before you do get rid of the ghost they were human just like us before they became ghosts. They are all different just like us, with different personalities. Yes, some photos are fake but, most of them are real! There are real stories about ghosts.  Told by stories or shows most of them were based off a real story with ghosts.I now challenge you to go hunt, hunt, hunt for those ghosts. Ghosts are interesting so you’ll have a fun hunting them and seeing them! If, you wanted you could even get rid of that ghost too.