Any been changing very seriously which human influence is

Any choice comes with a price, which is expected or unexpected. However, in some cases, it generates such a lasting impact in the future that the very-end result is almost separated from the initial cause. Within recent year, global warming has been changing very seriously which human influence is the main cause. We human only want to achieve our goal on developing technology but we forgot to look back what we have done to our environment. Kant idea is a consequentialism, it’s not based on the law of nature but on human reason. However, Buddhist idea is formalism. Basically, it states that karma is the circle of cause and effect. Global warming is the result of environmental pollution. But they develop the economy of one country and its value on natural resource. Because of the development of humanity’s century, the ecosystem is being destroyed rapidly everyday and one day it will eventually disappear. However, so as to evolve from one era to another era, human needs to sacrifice the things they have. They have to forget that environment, ecosystem and biosphere are things they have from the start. The philosophy of sacrifice something to achieve one thing can’t be determined right or wrong, it only can be determined by the result afterward. There are so many achievement outcome after polluting the environment. Kant believe that the reasons determine what we are supposed to do and we are free when we follow them. His belief claims that there must be unethical action in order to get a best outcome. We built many industrials for economic growth and among with that is we burn vast amounts of fossil fuels, gas, and oil for power. We also have been cutting down many tree but in return, we collect lots of papers and that’s the reason the intellectual in the current century increases because various works require paper works and printing job. Moreover, unused land needs to be civilized so people do have place to stay, work and rest safely. On top of that, people have to survive and food is a primary needed to be able to stay alive. Lots of animals get killed to serve people’s wants and needs. Having said that, Kant seems making sense on his beliefs because humanity is developing everyday and the environment is being destroyed every second, but the important thing is still the growth of human.