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&Small Business Planning

Project Fall 2017/2018


Prepared By:

Mohamad Ghamlouch,
Adrien Berry

























Our Fast food business is a new addition in the fast food industry with high aims to facilitate people with
healthy foods, which have marvelous health full ingredients. We do make the
same fast food but with our new additional healthy with organic product to make
your fast food with low calories. With desirable prices for all the classes types.
Our promise is to give your body healthful products. Due to
increasing the needs, wants and demand of
foreign cuisine we decided to launched our fast food center on a small scale.
It’s a partnership based business. And we provided self purchasing services and
free home delivery with in Beirut. We
also make our contract with schools and colleges that we deliver our
products at the time of  (breaks) in
schools and colleges .We also launched a
play ground area for kids because if families come then their kids don’t
get bored.





Mohamad Ghamlouch and Adrien Berry


Business name


Mac healthy


Address line


Beirut,  Gemayze , Lebanon


Contact us



Phone number:
Email address : [email protected]






The project is about a new business
venture. It covers the core concepts that are involved in the development and
implementation of this new company. Taking the initiative and pulling it
towards something unique and different. This project guides about the company
attributes, boosting its early phases to penetrate through target market
identification and segmenting it to different locations, planning
for market positioning, effective pricing strategy, how to promote it to
clients through different mediums and sources and most importantly, the
environmental factors that are associated with the early stages of business
development and post variable factors that are major challenges to the business



Vision statement:

“Our customer’s health is our





“Add up nutrition’s and fun in
people’s life”

Our mission will be collaborate with
professional dietitians and laboratory to make the additions of calories in
each meals.



Hierarchy chart :









plant manager




Hr Manager










Our six
objectives are summarized below:

Understand our customer, competitors and

Provide the best product and services

Continue to grow our business in the selected
fields of interest.

Balance our business goals with our financial

Make the transaction from a single point of
Sale Company to a distributed sales company.

Refine the company values and culture by hiring
the best people.


Industry Analysis:


Analysis of competitor:


It’s a fundamental of business where
you have competition along your business. If you want to overcome your
competitor you must have knowledge of that business as much as you have your


Direct competitors:









Those are
the direct competitors , those places serve healthy food .


Competitive advantage strategies:


Competitive advantages strategies are
now playing a vital role in world wide businesses. These are very useful to
contain or maintain a competitive edge. Mac Healthy will follow differentiation
strategy, diversification strategy, marketing advantage strategy and geographic
expansion strategy.


ü  Differentiation

We are providing high quality food
because our mission is

“Our customer health is our


ü  Marketing
advantage strategy :


Mac Healthy is
providing some services for the first time and has got first mover advantage.


ü  Diversification

It implies that Mac Healthy will expand by new service and high quality
food with the passage of intervals.


ü  Geographic
expansion strategy:

Geographic expansion means to add
new places and new disciplines. We start our business in Beirut and next target
is south and all over Lebanon after 3 years of establishment of our business. Because
of, in these area life style are changed day by day and the reason is that,
after establishing of  university  ,
education level will also increase, it would change the people thinking and in
these areas mostly people are in foreign countries.















Size of business:


It’s a small scale business based on
partnership between two people with mutually agreement.


Business share:


CEO’s ( Mohamad Ghamlouch , Adrien
Berry) 100 % share of whole business.


Swot analysis:



Ø  Friendly environment


Ø  Professionally trainers


Ø  Co facility for specific timings


Ø  Our trained chef


Ø  High quality of products



Ø  Less space for future project

Ø  Lack of Experience as a entrepreneur 

Ø  Comparatively equivalent pricing


Ø  Attractive Future Projects

Ø  no direct competitor 

Ø  demand of the fast food in this area gradually increase


Ø  there will competitor in future

Ø  Contingencies

Ø  Legal and Security Issues

Marketing plan:

Objective of marketing manager:

According to the marketing manager
of “Mac Healthy”  that marketing department has two


first department of “Mac Healthy”  is to create the
awareness and provide the following information to the higher authorities
of “Mac Healthy” .


department shows the marketing position of the organization.


department shows the market share of “Mac Healthy” .


department gives the suggestion to the higher authorities for the future


department provides the information about their competitors to the higher
authorities of “Mac Healthy” 


The second basic
objective of Marketing Department is that it meets the budget in the
required time span. The marketing department of “Mac Healthy” is
to promote its products and make the future plan to live in the budget.


Every business needs the
information’s about market before going to start. These information’s will help
in achieving the goals and getting targets. There are different contents for
the assessment of any market, which are given under here:

“Mac Healthy” 
will be marketed to people on the basis of demographic, psychographic and
geographic characteristics.


in behavioral aspect they segmented the market on the basis of quality, laste
and price. Following are the different possible segments in this regard:

Ø  Taste conscious.

Quality conscious.

Class conscious.

Combination of price and quality.

Demographic characteristics:
demographic characteristics include age ,sex, occupation, education, income,
and race. We segmented our market on following bases.

: “Mac Healthy”  is for each gender both male and female

everyone can use the “Mac
Healthy” service upper and middle class.

: age limitation for using this product above 13

by profession also everyone can use this product means businessman student
workers and other peoples.

it has no need more education that why the person who know something can easily
enjoy with this product.

life cycle:  “Mac Healthy”   is suitable in every stage
of life like single married couple and also those who have children can use
this product .

this product is used in every level of social class like upper, middle class.

when the customers once buy this product after that they can use the product

decision: often “Mac
Healthy”  changes the purchasing decision of customers because of its good


market :
after evaluation of various segments “Mac Healthy”  ” has decided
to target the markets of urban ,Sub-urban and rural area as well but everyone
can use this product means businessman student workers and other peoples.


as we mentioned our location before that we shall introduce “Mac Healthy” in Beirut. It is supposed to be best areas of Gemmayze. This location
will satisfy our target market demands. These are one of the educational
concerning accommodation are as well as on the back of “Mac Healthy”  there are a school  in front
of our restaurant (College du sacre Coeur) there is commercial area as well
which are exactly to our demands. All the mentioned areas are the good markets
for “Mac Healthy”.


Marketing Mix

Marketing mix is also known as 4
P’s. Including product, price, place, promotion. These 4 points have much
importance in the house of marketing.The whole monopoly revolves around these 4 P’s.
But when we talk about the fast food business, there must be focus on
these 4p’s










All the other
products of “Mac Healthy” are set by the Head Office by
adopting the proper method. According to


Ø  Marketing
Manager Price of any product is equal to the cost plus desirable profit.

Ø  Main concern is
to sell in volume and maintain it on long term basis. They are charging a price
which they think fair to customers.

Ø  The policy
of “Mac Healthy” is that they do not set the prices on the basis of competitors. The aim of “Mac
Healthy” is to satisfy the
customers in low prices. In economics we can say that when the prices are constant, the demand of product increase, volume
of sale is increase, and revenue is
also increase, as a result of this circle the profit of the organization
is increase but the prices remains constant. So selling on low prices has
a valid justification.



Our targeted
market is Beirut (Gemmayze)


And we are
looking for more in future like Market space




Burger ( low calories)


Chicken piece ( low calories)


Hot wings (low calories)


Nuggets (low calories)


French fries ( low calories)


drinks, coffee tea

ice cream, deserts, salad

rice, kebab, rolls

pizza’s (low calories)






To implement
and maintain total quality management our company will have a customer service department,
which will note each and every request of the customers and will note down
complaints by the customers.







Product will be
announced in all print and electronic media like:


Ads through cable








In phase 1 of
three months we are spending 7000 for the promotional purposes.

In 2nd
phase of three months we will increase the amount from 7000 to 10 000
in 3rd phase and last phase of this year we will spend more then 10






of any organization is working under a proper setup. It performs all tasks and
achieving their goals by following and fulfilling the requirements of an
organization. Every organization has hierarchy flow in which every employ is
performing their job by focusing the aim of their organization. The hierarchy
chart of 

“Mac Healthy” is
given in page 4.


CEO (Chief
Executive Officer):


CEO is one who
has to make decision at high level of management the whole organization is
under the CEO. The CEO of “Mac
Healthy”  has to perform several tasks, providing
finance, organize international competition, look after  branch
manager and marketing management, increasing relations and make
better strategies. All the tasks which are performed beyond the line of visibility
including all new technological process are controlled by CEO.




Marketing is a
major aspect of every business, so marketing department plays an important role
in all organization “Mac Healthy” marketing manager has to perform such task which
plays an important role in promoting organization. He has to perform operations
like advertisements, campaigns and look after the Website of “Mac Healthy” .


Finance department:

department is one of the most important departments where the CEO can collect
the following reports for timely decisions like




Cash flow


Profit and loss statement


Expense sheet


Project plan sheet


Financial analysis


Balance sheet etc.

The report will
be submitted to CEO to finance manager to control financial crisis.






It is very
important department in the “Mac
Healthy”. The in charge of the operation department is
operation manager. This operation manager is responsible for the following
operations and functions.






Administration of restaurant .


Complaint handling of the customers


Daily order to procurement Department


Day to day demand forecasting


Daily lectures to crew people


Trained the employees 





HRM department:

According to
the marketing manager of 3ArS Fast Food that HRM Department play a very
important role in the organization.

It is usually
says that if the staff and worker are satisfied and happy with
their organization environment than no force can hurdle to get
achievements but it only occurs if the people have some connections with top
line managers, therefore CEO can get an interface through HR department. HR
department will take step by step approach like through.


Ø  Appraisal


Ø  Evaluation


Ø  360° feedback
report and with other reports CEO will get his target and goals by teamwork.

Organizational plan

 In 3ArS
Fast Food, owner and manager are same. It will be established as a partnership.


There will be two
partners : Adrien Berry and Mohamad





of marketing manager:


department of  “Mac Healthy”   is play
a very important role in the organization.


Ø  The first and
basic function of this department is to promote its products in the market in
different ways. According to the marketing manager of 3ArS
Fast Food we advertise our products through print media, banners,


Ø  This department
creates the awareness among the people about the packages, which are given on
the special events like holidays, vacation, etc.


Ø  Marketing
Manager of 3ArS Fast Food says that it is the world of competition,
therefore to survive in the market we work for the future. So the third
function of marketing department of 3ArS Fast Food is to make
plans to achieve the objective of organization in future.



Ø  Marketing
department of 3ArS Fast Food also analyses to increase or decrease
the sale.


Ø  When the sale
of 3ArS Fast Food is going to decrease, the marketing department of 3ArS
Fast Food conducts a proper marketing research to find out
the problems, basic reason behind the problem and try to solve it and to
save the organization from this type of faults in future.


of finance manager:


This Department
is also responsible for maintaining fixed assets listening and arranging
insurance cover on the assets of the business the tax related issues of the
Business and all the transactions processing’s, e.g. recording of sales and
payments etc, are also handle by the Finance Department. Finally the Finance
Department liaises with internal and external auditors, product margins,
variable cost and fixed assets within the business as well.


of operation manager:

This operation
manager is responsible for the following operations and functions.


Ø  Cooking


Ø  Cleanliness


Ø  Administration
of restaurant.


Ø  Complaint
handling of the customers


Ø  Daily order to
procurement Department


Ø  Day to day
demand forecasting


Ø  Daily lectures
to crew people

Ø  Trained the

of HR manager:


Ø  The HRM
Department performs the following functions:


Ø  Reviewing
application form


Ø  Interviewing


Ø  Inducting new


Ø  Appraising
employees performance


Ø  Make a decision
about the employees training


Ø  Provide a
career advice to subordinates










Financial plan

The total
amount to established that business is Rs.1100000 while in that amount
Rs.400000 is the reserve fund, which is the liability of the business. Which
will be returned.Here we have prepared our forecasting of our business for our
business. First we haveshown our expenses and then we tried to show how our
projected revenue will generate