Anne father and favored her father over her mother.

Anne Frank left a legacy behind her, after her death in 1945. Anne wanted to be a well known writer or journalist and her dream came true even though Anne didn’t know it. Anne told millions of readers her struggles from hiding from the Nazis and being a teenager from her point of view. In 1942 Anne and her family went into hiding because Jews were the worst race in humankind in Hitler and German eyes. Jews were discriminated and stripped away from everything they ever had. All Jews were to be put in concentration camps to be worked to death and to be mentally and physically tortured. Margot Frank, Anne older sister received a letter in 1942 to report to a work camp in Germany. Since Otto Frank, Anne Father wasn’t going to let Margot be stripped away from the family, the Franks went straight into hiding in Holland in Otto secret compact annex for two years. The secret annex consist of the Franks, Van Daan family and Mr. Dussel and although it was difficult living in a compact annex for two years, these families knew it was a lot better than being in a concentration camp. Thankfully, they had help from Mr. kugler, Mr. kleman, Biep and Miep because without them they wouldn’t be able to survive, nor know what was really going on with the war. While living in the annex Anne had a hard time getting along with her mother because she was always picking on her. It was almost as if she hated her own mother because Anne didn’t see Edith as being a mother figure. Otto on the other hand he was almost like Anne best friend, Anne always looked up to her father and favored her father over her mother. As can be seen, Anne was very lonely and didn’t bond with Margot she turned to Peter Van Daan to talk about almost everything. Although, Anne seemed to be in love with Peter, she eventually figured out she wasn’t really into him anymore. In 1944 when all eight get caught in the secret annex everything changed for the Frank family. Otto was separated from his wife and kids and he had no one. In fact, Anne dislikes her mother and didn’t bond with Margot and eventually, Anne didn’t think Edith and Margot were all that bad after all because at that time because that’s all she had. Sadly, Anne was the last Frank to die from Typhus at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945. Her diary has taught everyone not to let history repeat itself because it’s inhumane what the Germans have done to the Jews.