Animals on actual farms. This idea allows the companies

Animals have a right to a
certain quality of life. They are living beings and should be treated as such. All
animals should be given these rights; for example, cows and pigs should have
the same comfort as dogs and cats. Cows, pigs, chickens, etc. are being manufactured
by huge companies and are treated as products, not actual animals. The
statement made about chickens shows that huge companies are creating the idea
of a chicken, not an actual chicken. They are producing something that is pumped
with steroids and vitamins and is created in huge factories, not on actual farms.
This idea allows the companies to treat the chickens like objects and forget
that they are actual living things. The companies aim to mass produce and do
not care about the well-being of the animals.

            People should have a right to know what is in their food.
Food is what we put into our bodies to fuel us and keep us healthy. We should
be able to know if we are putting GMOs, steroids, pesticides, etc. into our
bodies. In order for us to know what we are eating, we should always read
labels and know for sure if companies label everything. Companies should not be
allowed to choose what information to give to consumers. Consumers have the
right to know what they are eating and buying.

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            To ensure that a death like Kevin’s never happens again, companies
should constantly test for bacteria like E. coli in their products. The government
should also regulate the big companies and shut them down if there is
consistent contamination. It is not the consumer’s fault that the company did
not provide safe food. Companies like this should also not be able to own the
DNA in plant seeds. They should not be able to “own” a living thing or control
their farmers. Companies like Monsanto should not be able to control farmer and
what they grow.

            Labels are not very effective in letting consumers know
what is in their food. Many consumers do not know how to effectively read
labels and fully comprehend what they are eating. To make it easier, companies
could make labels more noticeable and be direct about what is in the product.

            Gary Hirshberg’s statement means that consumers choose
what they eat and thus “promote” those products. If consumers stop eating a
certain food, that food will not be produced as much and the company will lose
a lot of money. Our diets dictate what is produced by these large companies.

            Healthy food should be accessible to all people. We all
have a right to be fit and put healthy foods into our bodies. Unhealthy food is
mostly aimed at poor groups. For example, you could buy a cheeseburger, fries,
and a soda for $2 or you could get a few apples for the same cost. Health
should not be a luxury, it should be accessible to all.