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Ana MunozMs. GuzmanEnglish 2H26 December 2017Socratic Seminar Question1. Throughout the novel Adam doesn’t have such a great communication with his sons at the beginning because he doesn’t sees the point to them he hadn’t given the boys a name for a while till he had a talk with Samuel and Lee (270) once he found the right one and as Cathy left him and lee was more of the father figure in Cal and Aron lifes who provided more to their life (250).  It changes as time goes on because not only does Adam what to change for the good of his kids but also as he and Lee sees the change that he’s kids are showing him. As readers we know that the kids are not really adams but they do relate to adam as the way adam has raised them to be with certain complications. There are many effects to parental love and bonding for their child the most important in mind for me is that the love that the parents provides to their kids that shapes them later in life to become a better or worse person on the rode. Comfort from the parents are always necessary to the child because without it they will grow up and will be hard to trust others around them the little things that you do will always give a strong impact later on. Consequences of a child and there father can be harsh depending on what was done to get to where they were in the beginning. One effect that is shown throughout the beginning of the story how Cyrus would give more affection towards Adam but not as much towards Charles. The rejection was shown towards Charles as his father wouldn’t recognize him as he does to Adam and made Charles mad at Adam and everything he did. For example, on Cyrus birthday both the boys provided there father with a gift but the knife that charles gave was not enough to please Cyrus as he thought Adams gift was the best a son can give a father (29). This shows the rejection that Cyrus gave to Charles that made him hurt his step-brother with great passion and if they gave equal amount of support and love none of the violence would have happened. 2. Mothers are a very important part in everyday lives yet Steinbeck has a different message about the thought on mothers. As a thought Steinbeck may be showing the reader that Mother’s do not always have to be present in a child’s life. A Mother’s parental responsibility to their child is love and care as they were the ones who had carry their child in the whom for 9 long months which most fathers do not understand the struggle and duty that is given to the mothers. Another responsibility that should be used throughout the motherhood is belief for the child future as for never letting go to their hope and aspirations. Throughout all of this Steinbeck main purpose is to show the good that fathers or man can show towards their children as they have somewhat the same role as a woman.  Steinbeck believes and changes a lot of his thought throughout his story and it seems like it was hard for him to stick to one plot. As he changes the stereotypical thoughts on motherhood as a purpose on to fatherhood which is equally important because they have the strength and passions that mothers usually carry. Steinbeck reveals that the best option for raising a child when mothers are not available to fulfill the purpose in caring is the father of the child, ever since the beginning of the story mother were not usually present without the expectation of Liza. Lee was one  Character that steinbeck portrayed him with motherly figures as he held lots of care for the boys future (250) while their father or mother was not their it was always Lee which is seen as a “slave”.Another way Steinbeck showed how motherhood was not the right way to go with Cathy as she fails to complete a motherly figure to her family and goes back to why she had shot Adam (200) which fails the protection a mother is supposed to give not only to her sons which did not happen. 3. Steinbeck has Charles beat up his step-brother Adam because he wants to show the readers that even in throughout literature there is no such thing as a perfect family. Also jealous was an important part that steinbeck is trying to show to the readers throughout the story as one will always want to be better than the other no matter the situation. Steinbeck’s main purpose in his writing is too show the good and bad that each of his characters hold mentally and physically throughout family and friends. Steinbeck’s view on sibling rivalry is strong because the way he uses the bible stories in his writings show how much he went into thought of the fight between Cain and Abel (267) which were brothers that didn’t have the best relationship. Also in the beginning he shows the problems that happen between step-brothers how even throughout all the fighting it will take some time for both can get along cause maybe he had a brother that they were in similar situations (30-31)The purpose to carry out the theme of brotherly love and disdain for one another is to prove to the readers that steinbeck’s has a strong thought on to why he use males as the main focus throughout the story. Not only does he show what type of pain his characters had been through to have a loving and supported family with many obstacles in their way. ??? GO BACK TO THIS LATER!!!4.Steinbeck decides to divide each character in to a certain way based on their first letter of their name because of the qualities that each on hold within. Each name holds it own story on to the purpose of why Steinbeck uses “A” and “C” on certain characters it shows the readers a visually representation on why it is divide. These names that Steinbeck uses is the backstory of a bible reference to Cain and Abel who were brothers and everything was fine until one brother did not feel treated the same as his brothere.