An the globe. Furthermore, it will enable me to

An enormous number of challenges, thrown out by rapid
development in science and technology, have made me choose engineering
profession. Mechanical Engineering is the brain,
heart and soul of any industry in the globalize world. Today, the boundaries
between countries are swiftly vanishing away, so the understanding of new
Mechanical Technologies requires a more holistic and international view of the
industry. I am eager to pursue MS in…..University because International exposure of the Mechanical
Industry is very essential for growth in this highly competitive and
progressive world. And, through this I want to understand the nuances of
analyzing and strategizing for sustainable and long term growth in Global

For my Masters degree in
Mechanical Engineering, United States of America is the most suited location.
Being one of the most progressive nations of the world, it is laden with best
opportunities and the best companies. Since, the …………….University has an excellent faculty,
flexible course structure, world class amenities and most importantly a
friendly atmosphere for foreign students hence; it is the perfect destination
for pursing higher education. The degree acquired from………… will be recognized across the globe.
Furthermore, it will enable me to understand diversity in terms of languages,
culture, perspectives and experiences, which will go a long way in shaping my
personality and give me an insight into understanding the different behavioral
patterns of people.

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My  baccalaureate education
has provided a thorough exposure to the various specialties available in
Mechanical Engineering. In my undergraduate years, I’ve acquired a strong
background in the fundamentals of the basic mechanical engineering subjects
like Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass transfer, Solid Mechanics, Fluid mechanics,
CAD/CAM, Mechanics of Machines, Design of machine elements etc. I have done 2
internships during my bachelor which has helped me to understand the concepts
and aspects on practical basis. During my 1st internship at Nirmit
fabrics Pvt. Ltd. I
have learnt the principles of mechanical engineering those are applicable to
most machines, tools and processes ,cutting parameters and production
schedule. My immense effort in reducing the noise and vibrations of
conventional Powerloom under the guidance of chief Engineer was  highly appreciated by department personnel. I
have also generated skills like problem solving ability , working in team
and to work with  subordinates. Such
possession of qualities has helped me to work better during my 2nd
internship at Riya Hyundai  for which I
was honoured with best field training award in entire university. These
internships had enriched my practical knowledge and imbibed many qualities  which is must for an Engineer . On the way of
constant dedication towards study and practical aspects I will be able to hold a good academic record with a CGPA of 8.25 on 10 pt
scale. I feel that extra curricular activities are as important as
studies in estimating a person’s overall capacity. As a cricket player
representing the university and an excellent sprinter, I am in a position that
many athletes would covet.

My final year project was
“Construction And Development of an Autonomous Ornithopter” which gave me an
opportunity to know more about MAV’s , surveillance, spy, etc and the result of
which I got my paper published at National Level by NCIET. I was the team
leader of a team of 4 members. My engineering degree has enabled me to
understand the science behind most of the things around me. Being good at
quantitative and analytical skills helps me see the principle and logic behind
most of the things that come across us related to mechanical engineering. The
ability to strategize, conceptualize and analyze creatively using out of the
box approach is something ,which is really helpful in my current profession as
a production engineer. I am supervisor of almost 100 workers and my role is to
increase production, minimize machining time, reduce scrap and selection of
proper machine for suitable workpiece. I want to achieve more in my life as an
engineer and I am confident that studying at the University of ……..will empower me with
sound knowledge of the basic principles of this field and help me acquire the
necessary skills to reach my goal. Also my Masters degree in Mechanical
Engineering from………University
will give me a strong grounding and a perfect channel to capitalize on my

Keeping this in mind, joining your University
seems to me as an excellent first step. I plan to apply
my knowledge and skills to make the most from the MS in Mechanical Engineering.
My desire to persevere and to achieve my goals, to emerge successful, has
forever been my guiding spirit. My willingness to work hard to contribute to
the society and the community is indeed my long term goal. I know I will
succeed, for ……. will provide me with the strengths to go that extra mile.