An crimes and killings in our society. Many people

An important social institution of our
society would be the government. The government can be characterized as a group
of individuals who have the power to enforce laws. These laws are made to
protect the people of our society. If we had no government, then it would be
hard to protect our society. There would be more crimes and killings in our
society. Many people think that our government needs change. People believe
that our government is corrupted and only cares about the rich. For our government
to maintain a balance, it needs to change.

don’t think the government will ever change because there is too much
corruption. The government was supposed to be for the people, but they’re only
for themselves. The government needs to improve their spending. They need to focus
their money on things that we need. The government spends too much money on
War. We get involved in Wars that we shouldn’t be in. Our government needs to
focus on the issues we have here in the U.S.

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The government needs to
improve our health care because it’s all messed up. Health care is supposed to
help us but all it does is take from us. We got people dying from cancer and
other diseases because they can’t afford medicines, or treatments. People who
need treatments and medicines are going to other countries because it’s
cheaper. My cousin who is suffering from stage four pancreas cancer must go to
Mexico for her chemo treatments. She has insurance, but the copayment is too
high. She needs to do chemo three times a week and she wouldn’t be able to
afford it. As much taxes as we pay, I think that we could afford a better
health care.

Many people think that
the government should provide people with free or low cost higher education. Doing
this will help people to better their lives. People could have a chance of getting
off public assistance. We wouldn’t have to be wasting so much money with food stamp
and cash aid. Millions of college students graduate with loads of debt in the end.
Unpaid loans and grants can lead to not getting certain jobs.

If the government would improve
we wouldn’t be in so much debt. The government need to work on their spending before
it is too late. Our founding fathers created the government to ensure our safety
and give us our rights. Unfortunately, now the government just wants to control
us and take our money. I believe the government knows a lot more then they want
us to know. I believe that they keep a lot of secrets from us. They basically have
us in this bubble and they tell us a bunch of lies. People sit there and believe
them because we don’t think they would lie to us. I think that the government will
never change because they have too much power over us.