Amid Entities and Attributes

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Amid Entities and Attributes

Amid is owned by Amazon and offer streaming videos and TV shows that users can search for by name or by actors. One found, there is a rental button just under the title picture, example to the right: This make wanting to see an old or new movie easier then running down to the Redbook or buying a movie at Walter.

The data that is housed in the database is information gathered by both individuals who work in the film industry and users of the site. Imbued depends on the press, official bios, personal history, and meeting with film industry people. The staff of Amid chase down information to make sure that the information submitted to the sight is correct and has no false information. Some of the information gathered comes from screen credits.

Amid also keeps track of movies that are in production or in development (Barnes, 2010). The gathering of information comes from asking further questions, emailing those who have access to the information, or factual documentation from the movie studios. Amid is not like Wisped, Pentameters, Piggybacking, or Ovenware, users cannot include, erase, or adjust any information contained within Amid database. Only the staff of Amid can change any of the information as long as it is accurate.

The entities of the database has different attributes, and with these attributes the information is organized so the data can be search with ease. Here is my diagram of the entities and attributes: (Member, Creameries, Membrane, Ambassadress, Membership, Embarrassment, Membership, Membership, Loganberries, and PassWord). In the diagram we have the member of the database searching for information and the database returning information.

This could be a search for a movie or TV show, and the database is asking if they want to rent or buy the movie or TV’ show and what type of payment will be used. Amid has the largest database of information about movies, actors, TV shows, upcoming projects, and much more. User can even get the paleography of any actor/ actress which help identify a familiar face in a movie they are watching. Mind’s future is growing and will continue to grow bigger in the future as more and more media is made.


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