Amerah appropriation realized 10,000,000 Un Appropriation authority 10,000,000 Property

Amerah alhajri


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Assignment 4

Acc 321  






The fundamental  rule about
donated art works  is that must be
recognized as revenue and capital . however not for profit entities have the
right not recognize revenue , provided the donated items add to collections
and  meet all of conditions :

1.They are held for open display, instruction or research in
encouragement of open administration;


2.They are secured, tended to, and saved; and


3.They are liable to an authoritative approach that requires
continues from offers of accumulation things to be utilized to get different
things for the gathering. On the off chance that Craftsmanship on Wheels picks
not to perceive incomes or additions, and it gets a work that it expects to
offer to defray working costs, at that point it must perceive incomes or picks
up on receipt of the work.


On the off chance that Craftsmanship on Wheels underwrites its fine
arts, it has another choice in regards to deterioration. The fundamental decide
is that Craftsmanship on Wheels require not devalue gave their administration
potential is with the end goal that they have phenomenally long lives.
Craftsmanship on Wheels must have certain proof that it has both the mechanical
and money related ability to save the workmanship.


Q 2

Operating revenues                                                                                                                     

Net  patient  services revenue (6,500,000 – 950,000)

Charity care less 1,600,000 contractual adjustment )                                                          

Premium revenue                                                                                          

Total                                                                                                                                                  6,450,000

Operating expenses                                                

Salary and wages                                                                                                                          4,500,000

Supplies                                                                                                                                            365,000

Other operating expenses                                                                                                           275,000

Provision  for bad debit                                                                                                              


Total                                                                                                                                                5,865,000

Operating gain                                                                                                      

  Investment income                                    100,000

               Excess of
revenues over expenses                                                                            

Change in net unrealized gain and losses on investment                                                      

Net assets related  from restrictions  for capital expenditures                                         

Increase in unrestrictions  net
assets                                                                                  1,085,000



Q 3


Other appropriation realized                                             10,000,000

           Un Appropriation  authority                                                           


Fund balance with treasury                                         10,000,000

apporopriation –                           


b.         Budgetary

            Unapportioned authority                                                          400,000

                  Apportionments                                                                                         400,000


c.         Budgetary

            Apportionments                                                                      400,000

                  Allotments – realized
resources                                                                   400,000


d.         Budgetary

            Allotments – realized resources                                                250,000

                  Undelivered orders –
obligations, unpaid                                                      250,000




e.         Budgetary

            Undelivered orders – obligations, unpaid                                   250,000

            Allotments – realized resources                                                  24,000                        

                  Delivered orders –
obligations, unpaid                                                         274,000



            Buildings                                                                                274,000

                  Accounts payable                                                                                      274,000


            Unexpended appropriations – used                                           274,000

                  Expended appropriations                                                                            274,000


f.          Proprietary

            Accounts Payable                                                                   274,000

                  Disbursements in transit                                                                             274,000


g.         Budgetary

            Delivered orders – obligations,
unpaid                                      274,000

                   Delivered orders – obligations, paid                                                            274,000



            Disbursements in transit                                                          274,000

                  Fund balance with Treasury                                                                       274.000


h.         Proprietary

            Program costs – depreciation                                                     15,200

                  Accumulated depreciation                                                                            15,200