Although Dignity of the Human Person. This states that

he wasn’t Catholic, King. used a significant amount of Catholic references in
his teachings. Most of his teachings relate to the Principles of Catholic
Social Teachings. The Catholic social teachings,
are the Catholic views human
dignity and participating in good for the society. One of these, is The
Dignity of the Human Person. This states that everyone, in spite of
gender, age, or race unlimited respect. Our dignity doesn’t come from who we
are or what we possess; it comes from God because we are all His children. From
a young age, King learned
from his father that every human being belongs to God and therefore is very
valuable to Him. He was also aware of the fact that because of the previous
practices of slavery, and continuous discrimination this dignity in his
followers was severely diminished. He put forth his best efforts, into helping
to bring back everything they had lost; including their dignity. Being an ethicist,
King knew that God is the source of humans the only source of our dignity.
People have irreplaceable worth because they are God’s creations; He loves and
cares for us. Another teaching that he often references, is Solidarity.
This says that we should protect everyone as they are our heavenly brothers and
sisters. We should all be treated as one, regardless of race, ethnicity, or
ideals. Solidarity teaches us to love and care for everyone; love gives the
power to make changes. It is also a very important theme, in his famous “I Have
a Dream Speech”.  In his speech, Dr
Martin Luther King Jr quotes that “One day right here in Alabama, little black
boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and
white girls as sisters and brothers.” King also quoted that “With this faith,
we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go
to jail together, and to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be
free one day”. These lines from his speech, show that King believed that we are
all one human family and he hoped that one day, we would realize that we are
all brothers and sisters, regardless of differences. He said, that there is no
gene for racism; it is learned, and anything you learn, can be unlearned. Solidarity teaches us to cherish other people and to
respect everyone individual ideals and beliefs. We should allow everyone to
reach their fullest potential while respecting everyone’s rights and dignity. This
will make a more pleasant world to live in.