Almost all places around the globe. These are their

two centuries ago Tom Paine spoke the mind of many people when he said
“These are times that cry men’s soul.” What would he say today, were he here to
see the frightful weapons of the atomic age, the deterioration of international
relations , and the failure of the most powerful states to device formulas for
living together without the ever- present threat of war.

   The history
of man is the history of the endless struggle for durable peace and security.
The crisis of our age is no temporary one. In today’s globally connected fast
changing world, every country  has  relations with others at all places around the
globe. These are their International Relations. These International Relations
have today become truly international and are characterized by a high degree of
interaction and interdependence. Clearly international system is changing in
innumerable ways. These come with the ideal thoughts of peacefully connecting
the nations and people together  but
almost all issues and studies in international relations lead directly or
indirectly to the question of war and peace ,questions which today more than
anything need answeres.

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War has been a recurrent phenomenon throughout  human history , at threat to the global
peace. Each war is followed by some sort of an adjustment of organizations for
peace which contains in itself the seeds of the next war. From the concert of
Europe to the League of  Nations , we
have erected many a structure of peace. But these proved inadequate to meet the
challenge of  war. The League of  Nations did not fail because of its
principles and conceptions . It failed because the Government of  those states feared to face the facts and act
while time remained. This disaster must not be repeated.

From the ashes of a League of Nations, was born the
United Nations General Assembly. It came into existence on 24th  October 1995. It asked to promote
international cooperation and to create and maintain international order and
global peace. The organization was established after the World War 2, with the
aim of preventing another such conflict. Though attaining global peace is
essential at this time but its always hard to make peace with someone when you
learn about the conflicts that you fought in the past. We still shed tears for
the attacks of 9/11, 26/11, 2013 Iraq attacks,1993 Bombay bombardings, Pan Am
Flight 103 and many more uncounted . Disturbed international relations are the
hinderances in the ultimate way to global peace.

But then there is always a diplomacy in the peace
and war. This is what North Korea’s senator Kim Jong UN means when he
celebrates an extraordinarily powerful but devasting  Hydrogen Bomb ,when China intends on claiming
a total of seven man –made islands in the waters of South China Sea.

China has always been in the top news ever since.
May it be unreliable products or be it its recent ,largest Cutter Suction
Dredger, The Tian Kun Hao. It was taken to the water on 3rd November
2017 in Oidong, China. Measuring 140 meters long, the vessel is capable of
dredging  6,000 cubic meters per hour. It
is China’s  magic ship capable of
creating artificial islands. It can dig upto 35 meters deep a maximum
conveyance of 15,000 meters. This emerged as problem for not only the four  neighbouring countries of China : Philippines,
Malaysia ,Indonesia and  Vietnam but the
whole world actually when the digging took up the shape of seven man made
islands. This was far from realization of 

China’s hard labour in setting up these seven and
counting islands has brought all the countries together to give it a serious
thought. On these islands China has setup its military bases which were
equipped with radar systems, runway and military defence systems along with 200
serving soldiers. With the help of these islands China is planning its Cabbage
strategy to overpower an important part of the ocean ;China Sea. This part of
the ocean is fairly rich in minerals ,natural resources etc. On an estimation,
there is a total of 11 billion barral of oil,190 trillion cubic feet natural
gas resources and 10% of the world’s fish is found here.

But the major concerning issues are that tell us
that the 30% of the world’s shipping business happens to travel via this  South China Sea. According to the United
Nations Convention on the laws of the sea,each country has an access to its
shoreline within the EEZ range (Exclusive Economic Zones) i.e.200 knautical
miles. But China averts with any rule and suggest that according to 9-dash line
,the 90%  of the waters of  the 
South China Sea come under its excess.

According to the intellectuals, China is sure to
capture the islands in the South China Sea 
so as to have full control over the whole region. Dating back to
history, when Japan lost its full control after the World War 2, China has kept
an eye on this eversince.

Recently sensing this threat to the whole world
,when America sent its naval troops to settle the matter, China backfired the
American troops in return for it. China is, clearly seen, is not going to stop
this before it has its full territorial ,economic, political  trade ,control over the countries .

The time is not much
far away when the World War 3 will break out and surely it will total war. But
it is always upto the most superior creation of God to handle any mess that he
himself has created. Its still time we start looking for ways to improve the
international relations that will help to attain global peace in true sense.