After in Trump’s language using Foucauldian CDA? The questions

After conducting this research, it can be
concluded that language has a huge impact on society in many aspects. The aim
of this research was to analyze the use of racist language in public discourses
or speeches. In order to do so, a certain method of CDA was adopted, which is
Foucauldian CDA that studies the power relationships between the speaker and
structure in society as expressed through language. As an example, Donald
Trump’s discourse was chosen to be analyzed according to this method. Another
reason was because Trump has power and authority in all aspects as a president
of the United States, and one of these aspects is language and expression.
Therefore, his position corresponds with the study of power in Foucauldian CDA,
which helped with analyzing his use of racist language in his speeches and
tweets. Moreover, the questions that the research aimed to answer were:

To what extent is Donald Trump’s language racist?

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What does Trump’s language imply in his public statements (tweets and quotes)?

How are power and control displayed in Trump’s language using Foucauldian CDA?

questions were answered by following the CDA methods and the Foucauldian CDA
specifically, as well as by analyzing the data using these methods. After identifying
the implicated meaning in Trump’s tweets and quotes, this laid into conclusion
that Trump does express his racism and discrimination through his public

difficulties that this research has faced was finding data and other research
related to racist language, they were rather limited as well as Trump’s tweets
and quotes. As for the tweets, it was difficult to find tweets that contain
racist language, and the reason is because Trump is active on Twitter and has
thousands of tweets, so it was hard to search among that huge amount of tweets
with different subjects such as political, economic, etc. In addition, quotes
were also hard to look for because of the limitation of sources that would help
finding quotes related to racist language. Therefore, this research is not
perfect and does not cover the subject entirely, so it calls for further
research and analysis.

 Finally, the research’s aim and intention was
not to criticize Donald Trump, despite all the bad things he does and says
about others, but only to observe and study his use of racist language in his