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After Bitcoin, Ethereum is known to have the second largest market cap in crypto space.  It is undoubtedly an interesting platform that promises relentless growth, scalability and reliability. Ethereum is evolving and seizing the market share very quickly. So, if you haven’t started investing in this crypto currency yet, try your hands today. But before that here is a small introduction on what is Ethereum and different types of Ethereum wallets, that will help you make the right choice while investing your hard earned money. An Introduction to Ethereum & Smart Contracts Ethereum is a public blockchain and a decentralized platform that was specifically designed for powering Smart Contracts. Smart Contracts are applications that are programmed by the developer to run exactly the way they are designed, without any downtime, third party interference or any censorship. For operating the distributed applications on this platform, you require Ether, which is a form of payment made by the customers for executing the requested operations. Ether works more or less like a fuel which ensures that developers create quality applications and the network remains healthy. For storing, accepting or receiving Ethers, you need a wallet. Ethereum Wallet Ethereum is a technical currency and most of the wallets available in the market might not be very newbie friendly. So, here is a collection of Ethereum wallets that will help you choose one that is best suited to your knowledge. Hardware Wallets: Hardware wallets can be your best bet, if you are serious about altcoins, but these wallets are not free and might cost somewhere between $50 – $100, excluding the shipping charges. There are multiple options in the market that offer hardware wallets like Ledger, Keepkey and Trezor. Coinbase’s Ethereum Wallet: Coinbase’s Ethereum wallet is the easiest to set up and very easy to use. But there are few things about this wallet that you must be aware of.With this wallet, you do not have the control on your funds, as the company holds the private key for you.In a Coinbase Ethereum wallet, you cannot store Ethereum Classic.  The company can also shut down any user account, whenever they want, in case of any illegal activity.As soon as you open an account in Coinbase, your ETH wallet appears under the Accounts tab. To get your Ethereum public address, you can enter your ETH account and click on wallet address. Exodus Wallet: This is a desktop wallet with an intuitive interface. Although it is not 100% open source, but is so far the best options available. Most of the components in Exodus are open source, which means the code does not gets reviewed fully by the community. This wallet is a desktop version only and does not supports Ethereum Classic. The best part is that this independent wallet stores the private key on your machine, so you have the complete control on your funds. You can store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Dash and Litecoin in your Exodus wallet. Jaxx Wallet: Similar to Exodus, Jaxx offers a simple yet intuitive interface and is available in both desktop and mobile version. With this wallet, you have the control on your funds, which means your private key is not shared on the Jaxx server and it also supports Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, unlike other wallets. In Jaxx wallet, the code is freely available on the website, thus making it more accessible for review. ETHAdress: This is a cold storage option. If you are willing to store Ethereum offline, then you can print an Ethereum paper wallet. This open source project creates a private and public key pair and allows you to take a print of this information, so that no external hackers can get your coins. With this wallet, you also get an option to encrypt the private key, so that it is password protected. Although it is a more secure option, but if you are willing to send your coins to someone else, you will need to import the keys in an online wallet to be able to use them. Ethereum has been around for few years, but is not as popular as Bitcoin. However, the rise in its market cap is gaining more attention, thus creating likely opportunities for customers to see more value-added Ethereum wallets in near future.