Advertisement Secret Love My Body Campaign, all the models

Advertisement Critique

            Body image is the mental picture and
the thoughts and feelings that a person has about his or her body. In the
Victoria’s Secret Love My Body Campaign,
all the models are skinny, fit, tall and one size. A well-known company,
labelled this campaign as ‘the perfect body,’ selecting women who are all thin
and attractive to represent its new line of lingerie. By labelling its campaign
as ‘the perfect body’ will give other women the idea and interpretation that
only skinny, thin and fit women have a perfect body, whereas other women who
may be bigger do not have a perfect body. When looking at it in the business
perspective, the company probably wanted to advertise that by buying their new
body bra line, it will make your body look perfect. But when analyzing it through
a women’s perspective, the first word that comes to mind is discrimination.
When looking at this campaign, there is a clear representation that the company
only used women who are only a size 0, and sadly continues to only use size 0
women. By engaging in this type of attitude, makes other women feel insecure
and ashamed of themselves, because they constantly have to face advertisements
like these, defining what ‘a perfect body’ looks like. According to Huffington
Post, 27,000 signatures were used for a petition requesting for Victoria’s
Secret to apologize and change the slogan for the campaign. A statement that
was written in the petition read, “Every day women
are bombarded with advertisements aimed at making them feel insecure about
their bodies in the hope that they will spend money on products that will
supposedly make them happier and more beautiful. All this does is perpetuate
low self-esteem among women who are made to feel that their bodies are
inadequate and unattractive because they do not fit into a narrow standard of
beauty. It contributes to a culture that encourages serious health problems
such as negative body image and eating disorders,” (Huffington Post). The
petition clearly indicates that these types of advertisements make women feel
insecure about themselves and will make women react drastically to achieve that
‘perfect body.’ These types of advertisements are teaching young women and even
older women that they need to look a certain way in order to have that ‘perfect
body.’ This will influence women to achieve one of the three eating disorders:
(1) bulimia nervosa, (2) anorexia nervosa, and (3) binge eating disorder. Victoria’s
Secret should have included women of all shapes and sizes to show more
diversity and show that the company is pushing away from its usual traditions.
Advertisements that provide a false image on how a ‘perfect body’ should look
like, are making women believe that they must look like this in order to look
and feel beautiful. If all companies brace the diversity in body shapes, this
will provide women with more self-confidence and help women embrace their body
shape with full happiness, helping them to start believing that they are just
as beautiful. 

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