Active the world that can affect people from all

Active systems are more complex than passive systems because
they use infrared light sources. Since the infrared band falls outside the
visible spectrum, these light sources don’t cause oncoming drivers to suffer
from temporary night blindness like high beam headlights can. That allows the
infrared lights to illuminate objects that are significantly further away than
headlights are able to reach.

Since infrared light isn’t visible to the human eye, active
night vision systems use special cameras to relay the extra visual data.

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Some systems use pulsed infrared lights, and others use a
constant light source. These systems don’t work very well in adverse weather
conditions, but they do provide high contrast images of vehicles, animals, and
even inanimate objects.

Millions of people all around the world are struggling with
their eyesight problems. In fact, eyesight problem is one of the most common
medical problems in the world that can affect people from all age groups.
Children, teenagers, adults, old people, and even new born babies can have can
have eye-vision problems.

even though the medical science has evolved so greatly during the last century,
we still don’t have a lot of options in providing permanent solutions to these
eye problems. The most common solutions given by doctors and physicians are
prescribed glasses and contact lenses. However, these are not permanent
solutions to eye problems. Glasses and contact lenses are definitely no cure
for eyesight problems.
They are simply tools that can help your eyes focus whenever you put them on,
the problem itself is still there, so whenever you’re not wearing your glasses
or contact lens you will still have problems in focusing your eyesight.

Perhaps the only known permanent solution to these problems is
through eye surgery. However, such medical procedure also has many defects.
First, it’s not cheap. Eye surgery does can help a lot of people gain back
their eyesight, but it will also drain your savings. In 2013, the average cost
for eye surgery was $2,500 per eye! That’s very expensive for most people. Then
there are also risks associated with such medical procedure, including some
negative effects thight might occur due to malpractice or incorrect procedures.
We often heard about people who took an eye surgery ended up losing their
eyesight completely.