ACKNOWLEDGEMENT parents reach a certain age they just leave


A special
gratitude I give to my subject teacher Dr. Aziz ur Rehman Saifee, whose
contribution in stimulating suggestions and encouragement helped me to coordinate
my project especially in writing this report.

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                Parents nowadays as we see are living
in Old Age Homes. Their children when their parents reach a certain age they
just leave them alone or at old age homes. Why is it so just because they have
got old and may become cranky sometimes, you feel like they are annoying you or
disturbing your privacy. Many children nowadays have such thinking towards
their parents.

Even Allah
has given a higher place to parents in the Holy Quran. It is liable on us (the
children) that when our parents get old it’s our responsibility to take care of
them no matter in what circumstances you are.

The Quran

“Allah says
that you should worship no one other than him. And you be faithful to your
parents if they are of old age and cannot take care of themselves by their own
its your responsibility to do so”

Even it is
mentioned in the Bible as well:

When we take
care of our parents and respect them we please no one but God. Bible says: if
there is a widow its responsibility of the church to cater her and look after
her needs but if she has children or maybe grandchildren it’s their prior
responsibility to repay their parents by taking great care of them. This is
something god feels happy about and appreciates the human. But those people who
don’t even take care of their own relatives who are old and cannot look after
themselves they are worse than the unbelievers.

Pakistan like
numerous other creating nations in the world is seeing the quick maturing of
its populace. Urbanization, modernization and globalization have prompted
change in the financial structure, the disintegration of societal esteems,
debilitating of social esteems, and social foundations such as the joint
family. In this changing monetary furthermore, social milieu, the more youthful
age is scanning for new characters including monetary freedom and reclassified
social parts inside, and additionally outside, the family. The evolving monetary
structure has decreased the reliance of provincial families ashore which has
given quality to bonds between ages.






What is an Old Age Home?

                     A place where the parents specially
old or senior citizens live because they have no one who can look after them
anymore or maybe their children have thrown them out of the house. Old Age
Homes is a place where all the seniors are taken great care, looked after their
needs and fulfilled all necessities of life. But the love and affection which
the parents require at that age goes missing which mostly all the parents of
that certain age require at that time. It is a sort of love which cannot be
given or a need which cannot be fulfilled by an outsider.


                         The problem has arised
a lot in the past years as what can be the reasons why can the children not
take care of their own parents when they really need them. They didn’t leave
them, fulfilled all their children’s wishes and in the end they deserved a
return gift of living in an old age home. Parents should not be treated in such
a way instead try to listen and find solutions on both the sides as to where
the problem mainly is and what solutions can be taken to eradicate this issue.
The elderly natives need
pressing consideration. They needn’t bother with our pity, however the
comprehension love and care of their kindred human beings. It is our obligation
to see that they don’t spend the sundown years of their life in detachment,
torment furthermore,
wretchedness. More seasoned people are, along these lines, in require of
indispensable help that will keep critical viewpoints of their ways of life in
place while enhancing their general personal satisfaction, the present
investigation was directed to think
about the general sentiments, social connections furthermore, individual likings
of the elderly living with families and in maturity homes.

The present
examination was embraced with the following fundamental targets:-

To examine
the foundation profile of elderly remaining at maturity homes and inside the
family. To think about nature of elderly ladies living in seniority homes and
inside the family. To look into the General sentiments, Social connections,
Individual likings and lastly to evaluate the state of mind of elderly. These
days, the part of families if there should be an occurrence of more established
individual has declined because of basic changes which have occurred in the
Indian culture and the attending breaking down of the joint family framework,
which brings about the dismissal or disregard of the matured. Life in
foundations require not be terrible however it generally is. This remains
constant all over on the planet. Individuals go to foundations for the most
part since they have no relatives to look after them. In this manner, the
people who see elective settlement because of disconnection or depression, migration
of assemble style settlement may build their social contact and positively
affect their prosperity.


                        The present examination
depends on a urban example of 60 people matured 60 years and over. Out of
these, 30 were systematized and 30 were from family set-up. The information
were gathered from Jammu city. Jammu is spread over a territory of 222236 sq.
kms also has an aggregate populace of 10143700 (Census 2001) with education
rate of 55.52 percent. The information was gathered utilizing a uniquely
composed Interview timetable and perception strategy through a house-to-house review
for those dwelling in the family. The information on standardized matured was
gathered from, “Home for the Aged”, Ambphalla, Jammu. A large portion
of the people incorporated into the present think about were sixty years old or
above and nonworking. The non– standardized elderly people given data about
their age, while the age of the standardized people was out from seniority home
records. The information was gathered utilizing an exceptionally outlined
meeting timetable and perception system through a house-to-house overview for
those living in the family. Before conclusive information gathering, the talk plan
was tried on a little subsample what’s more, consequently concluded, upon
fruitful testing and minor modifications. The meet plan was separated into four
segments. The primary segment included inquiries with respect to general data of
the respondents. The second area included inquiries relating to general
sentiments of maturity individuals to joy, forlornness, sadness, security,
instability, extraordinary temperaments. The third area included inquiries as to
relations of old individuals with companions, relatives and relatives and the
fourth segment included inquiries in regards to the individual interests and
pastimes of maturity individuals. The information were gathered in the long
stretches of April what’s more, May 2008.The data, consequently, acquired was
examined by the destinations of the consider, coded and organized. The outcomes
have been displayed as numbers and rates.


                              The issues of the
matured change from society to society and have many measurements in our
nation. Seniority had never been an issue for India where an esteem based joint
family framework is expected to win. Indian culture is naturally deferential
and steady of senior citizens. Maturing as a characteristic wonder has from the
start locked in the consideration of the cultivated world. Arrangement for the
matured in the general public has turned out to be one of the constitutive
subjects of our cutting edge welfare state. However the deterioration of the
joint family framework and the effect of financial change have brought into
sharp concentration the impossible to miss issues which the old individuals now
look in our nation.

Quranic Verses & Its Understanding

“Your Lord has commanded
that you worship none but Him, and that you be kind to your parents. If6 one or both of them reach old age with
you, do not say to them a word of disrespect, or scold them, but say a generous
word to them. And act humbly to them in mercy, and say, ‘My Lord, have mercy on
them, since they cared for me when I was small” (17: 23-24).

Social Relationship of the Respondents

                             Kids are relied
upon to deal with their elderly guardians. Be that as it may, the procedures of
social change, for example, industrialization, urbanization, also, relocation,
can have a negative effect on tend to elderly individuals. In the present
examination, it was watched that 96.6 percent of the elderly ladies living in
the families had social help from their children and little girls in-law amid
their disease. The impact of this wonder is apparent from the debilitating of the
conventional obligation of joint family. The elderly have been the greatest sufferers
of this difference in qualities and family framework. A large number of them feel
that the state of mind of more youthful age towards them has experienced a
gigantic change and turn out to be less palatable. There is a typical
conviction that in seniority individuals have a tendency to end up noticeably
more slanted towards religion. To a degree, religion gives a kind of social
help as individual contact with other individuals at religious social affairs with
whom they could share their considerations. It is trusted that, ‘it is around
this social and religious investment that the life of the old spins’. It was
watched that 33.3 percent of those living in families revealed cooperation in social
and religious services. They communicated that their association to relatives
and companions was because of their inclusion in the religious capacities. It
is evident that the quantity of respondents who found the opportunity for
religious association was less in the foundation than in the familial setup.
Montross et al pointed towards a positive connection amongst companionship and fruitful
maturing. It recommends that bigger the number of close relatives and the more
incessant is the contact with companions, the higher is the score of fruitful
maturing pointers among older folks. Individual Likings of the Respondents Life
fulfillment keeps on being a vital build in the psychosocial investigation of
maturing. It is one of the regularly acknowledged subjective conditions of
personal satisfaction and is by all accounts one of the features of effective
maturing, both of which are enter ideas in maturing. Research reports that life
fulfillment is unequivocally identified with socio-statistic furthermore, psycho-social

Individual Likings of the Respondents

                             Life fulfillment
keeps on being a critical build in the psychosocial investigation of maturing.
It is one of the generally acknowledged subjective conditions of personal
satisfaction and is by all accounts one of the features of fruitful maturing,
both of which are enter ideas in maturing. Research reports that life fulfillment
is firmly identified with socio-statistic also, psycho-social factors. It has
been discovered that two socio-statistic attributes impact life fulfillment both
specifically and furthermore in a roundabout way through psychosocial factors, for
example, movement physical movement level, fulfillment with recreation
exercises, furthermore, social contacts, Perceived wellbeing, and physical
disease. As respects the individual likings of the elderly ladies living in the
families and seniority foundation, it was investigated that 43.3 percent of the
elderly ladies living in the families had more enthusiasm towards perusing
religious books, magazines and daily papers for hanging loose, while 33.3
percent of them had enthusiasm towards viewing T.V. what’s more, the others
(23.3 percent) tuned in to music for tranquility of mind. 33 percent of the
elderly ladies living in the organizations expressed that tuning in to music
loose them and overlooked their strains, stresses what’s more, stretch. Just 6.6
percent were religious disapproved. Notwithstanding, 87 percent of standardized
elderly ladies uncovered that they worshiped at the establishment in light of
the fact that a sanctuary as of now existed inside the establishment (Table 3).

Interest in Various Activities

                        Recreational exercises
Living in the family establishment.






air Activities

for shopping

Time Activities

with others  

individual dairy


the relatives appeared to be a most loved breathe easy for the occupants of
both the settings, particularly for those living in the organization. Recalling
the old upbeat recollections also, sharing these with their prisoners gives
sentimentality about sentiment achievement. It acts as a purge for the elderly.
As few as 3.3 percent were falling back on contemplation to keep themselves casual,
strain free and invigorated.


Seniority had
never been an issue for India where an esteem based joint family framework is
assumed to win. Indian culture is naturally aware and steady of older folks.
Maturing characteristic wonder has from the start locked in the consideration
of the socialized world. Arrangement for the matured in the general public has
turned out to be one of the constitutive topics of our cutting edge welfare
state. The issues of the matured shift from society to society and have many
measurements in our nation. In any case, the crumbling of the joint family framework
and the effect of monetary change have brought into sharp concentration the
particular issues which the old individuals now look in our nation. Furthermore,
in the customary sense, the obligation and commitment of the more youthful age
towards the more seasoned age is being dissolved. The more established age is
gotten between the decrease in customary values on one hand and the nonattendance
of an satisfactory government managed savings framework then again therefore,
thinking that its hard to modify in the family. Eventually, it could be
presumed that the general sentiments of the elderly ladies living in the families
would be advised to position than that of the elderly ladies of the establishment.
Better social relations were kept up by the family occupants since they had
standard connection, articulations of sentiments and support from the family.
The current state of the elderly ladies living in the foundation was that they
felt lonelier, depressive what’s more, had a lower level of fulfillment with life.
In this setting, the requirement for saving our convention of a joint family
and the shared collaboration what’s more, understanding between the more
youthful what’s more, the more established ages could be all the more
squeezing. The circumstance calls for deliberate endeavors of the
administration, non-legislative associations, religious organizations and
people not just to see yet additionally to illuminate or if nothing else alleviate
the entire extent of issues coming about from a turning gray society with the
goal that the matured individuals can lead a stately and significant life.

Suggestions and Recommendations

In order to
enhance these kind of Old Age Homes, the specialist has the accompanying
Suggestions and Proposals. It would be important in facilitating the issues of
the matured. The administration must help to the Old Age Homes. At that point
they can enhance their offices. The more youthful age ought to be made mindful
of the affection and mind required by the old individuals. The people group
ought to encourage financial help to the matured. The matured can benefit from
outside assistance to get their annuity, and be made mindful of the distinctive
concede in-help plans of the legislature. The pubic might be urged to make
gifts for enhancing the way of life of the prisoners of free sort Old Age Homes
also, along these lines to help them to have a superior existence. As mental
variables assume an indispensable part in the physical wellbeing as well, the
offices gave in the Old Age Homes ought to be outlined such that they should
physically and mentally be helpful for the matured individuals.

proposition work titled “Maturing Issues of Senior Citizens.The Welfare
Measures Taken by Changanacherry Archdiocese Through Old Age Homes” is the
consequence of an investigation directed by the analyst utilizing point by
point writing audit, individual meetings and factual systems. The analyst took
after modernized investigation.SPSS is utilized for dissecting the information.
Tables and diagrams were utilized as a part of investigation, satisfactory elucidation
was drawn out with respect to factors.It is obvious that due to financial
changes in the wake of urbanization and increment in the extent of the matured
in the populace, the issues of the matured have turned out to be imposing. The extreme
obligation regarding supporting the matured is moving from the family to
optional organizations. In these conditions, it is basic for setting up an
extensive number of Old Age Homes with sufficient comforts for the individuals
who have no nearby relatives to take care of them. Yet the coming age
understand that Old Age Homes are not a ‘dumping put’ for the matured.


At last, the
matured ought to be considered as a significant social asset and good examples
for the more youthful age. In this manner, legislative and non-administrative
associations should come forward to spur and make mindfulness among the
adolescent to fare thee well of the matured in the family. The Old Age Homes are
not a viable alternative for families. The analyst turned out to be more
energetic and worried about the issues of the matured in the general public because
of this course work. The administrations rendered by the senior subjects of the
Archdiocese of Changanacherry have been increasingly refreshing as the
exploration advanced. More research is required on the issues of the senior
nationals with the goal that the coming age might be more utilitarian in
discovering ways of helping seniors of the general public.


To destroy
this issue guardians should set a case before their kids by serving their folks
and terrific guardians. Once the youngsters get this valuable quality in their
qualities we wouldn’t have such savagery in our general public. The guardians
who are confronting this circumstance at the present time should join
individuals like them to keep away from gloom. They can likewise enable
individuals to like them. They can demonstrate that they don’t need such children
in their lives.