According with this man, Mrs. Todd must have endured


According to the editor’s introduction for “The
Country of the Pointed Firs,” Sarah Orne Jewett was dedicated “to
preserve a disappearing way of life, and her novel can be read as a study of
the effects of isolation and hardship on the inhabitants who lived in the
decaying fishing villages along the Maine coast.” I agree with the editor’s
claim. In my perspective, Mrs. Todd is a character from the novel who signifies
the effects of isolation and hardship. Although Mrs. Todd doesn’t represent all
the effects of isolation and hardship, she exemplifies one of the best outcomes
of isolation and hardship.

Throughout the passage from the section
titled “Mrs. Todd,” the narrator describes Mrs. Todd as a woman who is wise, affectionate,
helpful, and kind. She acquired her admirable traits through the isolation and
hardship she experienced in her life. For example, when the narrator had spoken
to Mrs. Todd with “unkind words of withdrawal,” Mrs. Todd “only became more wistfully
affectionate than ever in her expressions.” Mrs. Todd remained affable with the
narrator despite what the narrator had said to her. Even though the narrator
could no longer help her with her herbal medicine business, Mrs. Todd was understanding
and kind. As one continues to read the passage, Mrs. Todd confides in the
narrator about her relationship with a man whom she had once loved. After the
end of her relationship with this man, Mrs. Todd must have endured terrible
hardship since she had been separated from the man she loved. Therefore, it
would have been a very difficult time for her during the years afterward. Despite
the heartache it had caused her, she was still a woman with a good heart and
soul. She used her life experiences to give words of wisdom to the narrator, and
she was always friendly to everyone around her. Even though she went through
some emotional hardships, she remained a woman with an admirable personality.

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Furthermore, the way Mrs. Todd lives
her life cannot be seen as often today as it would have in the past. In other
words, her character demonstrated a disappearing way of life. Mrs. Todd was a
woman who made remedial herb medicines to sell to the villagers. She was also a
woman who kept good relations with many of the people in her town, and she occasionally
spared words of wisdom to the narrator. Nowadays, we don’t really see people
keeping up small businesses for their communities which they run entirely on
their own. Mrs. Todd would grow, collect, and brew all the herbal medicines she
made for her community. Many of us in the 21st century don’t even
try to befriend our neighbors or play an active role in our society. We hardly
ever share our life experiences, let alone communicate. Communicating with each
other has become something of less importance as we face so many other
distractions today along with the way we lead our lives. Mrs. Todd’s way of
life, however, contrasts with what our way of life has become today. Mrs. Todd
symbolized a disappearing way of life, and she displayed one of the many effects
of isolation and hardship.