Abstract? the credible website,like the sciencedirect website and so


With the priority and the status of
female become higher and higher, the domination of the male becoming
increasingly slighter,the issue of being a man or a woman becomes the difficult
problems.The author make the conclusion by discussing the problem with the
dissenter and finding the research in the credible website,like the sciencedirect
website and so on to find the information to support each point.The essay
discuss this problem through comparing the aspect of the freedom of tracing the
dream,the pain of daily life,the discrimination of finding the jobs.The essay
tells us that it is better to a man than a woman.

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  In the ancient
time,the man has the superior authority than the woman in many
aspect,especially in the family and the job fields. However, with the
development of economic and technology,the concept of domination has changed a
lot. To some extent, the feminist advocate the equality between the men and the
women, which contribute to the phenomenon that the status of women has been
arisen in these years (Marion,2016)and they ask for the superiority at some
aspects.As for the devotion to the society, the men devote the important things
such as responsibility and courage, while the women give the kindness and the
love to the society. Therefore, whether being a man is better than a woman has
become a controversial issue at this moment because there are various kinds of opinions
toward this issue. Some people hold the opinion that it’s wise to be women
because women are more likely to be forgiven when they make mistakes and the
lifespan of the women is longer than the men,while men have more burden to earn
more money and work hard to support his family. Nevertheless, it’s better to be
men than women because of the pain of the body, the freedom of purchasing the
dream, and the prior status of finding jobs.

First of all, as for the pain of the
body, it’s terrible for the women to suffer the pain of menstruation. As we all
know that,the women should bear the menstruation once a month or some women
have twice or even more.And at that time, due to the influence of the
menstruation, the skin will lose the vitality because of the endocrine disorder
at the period(Ivo,2016), which will make the women wearier and uglier.
What’s worse, I show sympathy to the women who have the experience that they
tumble and cry on their bed because of the terrible pain of the period and they
will grasp quilt as tight as they can in order to make themselves feel a little
relaxer.  To some extent, some women even
take some medicine to lessen such painful experience of the periods.How
terrible and painful they are! What’s more, Erdogana et al(2017) as the
professor of health science, pointed out that when the women give birth, they
will experienced the sharp pain because of the back pain and the cervical
dilatation.However,although the men are lucky to skip the torment of the
menstruation and the pain of giving birth, they also are risky when they facing
the hereditary disease,such as the hemophilia. According to Claudia &
Diana(2017),they pointed out that one hundred of  hemophilia patients, the men account for 80%,which
means that the men are more risky to get this illness and the men should bear
more pain caused by the hemophilia than the women.What’s more,as my university
teacher, who teaches the biology and have high attainments in the genetic, said
that the women has less likely to have the bald than the men, which is not only
contributed by the stress but also by the genetic genes. Thus,being a man is
more risky to get such terrible illness. However, although the illness of
hemophilia or bald looks like terrible, with the technology and medical
treatment developing, there are still many ways to solve these problems in the
developed countries.For example, it’s helpful for the patient of the hemophilia
to exchange the bone marrow for them to cure their illness with little pain.
Therefore, we shouldn’t pay more attention to being afraid of such illness
because there are many successful examples to show us that the illness can be
conquered. On the other hand, the pain of menstruation is terrible, because not
only it can’t solve with thoroughly(may be some pill can help them to put off
the day) but the longevity of the menstruation last for 45 years.What’s more,
the pain of the back pain when the women give the birth is also the terrible
experience. With such obvious comparison,the concept that  being a man is better than a woman should
keep in our mind.

Furthermore,as for the
freedom of pursuing the submit of the career, according to Budig(2003), the women
has less time and chance to purchase their dream because of the factor of her
family and children. As the saying goes,’women take care of the family and the
children, while the men have responsibility to earn more money to support the
budget of the family’. What the motto means is that compared with the
responsibility of the men to earn more money to support the family, the
responsibility of women is to pay more attention to taking good care of the
children and helping the husband to deal with the trivial things like washing
and sorting out the clothes and so on when they get off work rather than
working extra time or staying up late to finishing the job of the company.
Although the men should bear the trials and the hardships when he should face
lager numbers of obstacles in their job, the men will struggle to make their
dream come true with sufficient time and endless effort while the women only
can sit at the home doing some trivial things such as taking care of their
children or washing and sorting the clothes when they go off work.Therefore,
when the women repeat to live every day in such poor loop, they have lees time
and less chance to working hard to receive their dream or pursue what they
truly need. On the contrary