Abstract listening. English movies in English listening teaching can






This paper investigated the impact of English movies to
improve listening skill of English language in secondary Classes. 50 students
(14-16 years old) from 5 different public schools were selected and English
movie was showed for them. The movies were selected based on the content and
level of difficulty of the English language. During 2 months students watched
movies and answered the relevant multiple choice vocabulary and content
comprehension questions. Number of correct answers of each session were
observed. Results showed that number of correct answers had been increasing. It
can be concluded that the participants comprehend English movie better at the
end than it was in the beginning. However, the movies did not have an effect on
participants’ new vocabulary.

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movies, acquiring a variety of information, such as the image, text, animation,
etc., have gained an important role in class English listening teaching by its
unique advantages.

movies have become an effective teaching method in English listening.

English movies in English listening teaching can improve students’
learning interest, expand their knowledge, and improve their listening ability,
it can be motivating for them. Movie can give a visual context and it makes the
language learning process more entertaining and enjoyable.

The use of movies as a teaching tool is not new in the field of
foreign language teaching and learning. Movies not only allow the teacher to
introduce variety and reality into the classroom, but discussions based on
movie content allow students to bring their own background knowledge and
experiences into the discussion. Furthermore, almost everyone finds watching
films pleasurable and enjoys talking about them. From a motivational
perspective, it seems that movies are a perfect choice for use in a language
learning classroom.


Objectives and practical value of the study

The present paper is aimed at investigating the effect of English
movies on listening skill. It is mainly concerned at finding answers to the
following research questions:

What are the
effective ways to teach listening skill to secondary school students learning

How do
teachers in Georgia teach listening to secondary school students learning

How to
select movies appropriately to show to secondary school students learning

movies have effect on students’ abilities of comprehension during learning
English language.


When learners are exposed to films, they can
learn some words and phrases used in the films and ultimately improve their
target language. Various types of films, such as soap operas, science-fiction,
comic, horror and romantic movies, catch individuals’ interests and arouse
learners’ motivation. Watching films are among learners’ favorite activities.
As learners who lack interest in learning a foreign language often fail to make
progress, films of various types that arouse different

individual’s interests can be adopted as
language learning materials. However, the way one watches movies have a
particular effect on one’s learning. By using L2 movies, students can learn how
to pronounce many words. Furthermore,

English movies can motivate learners to study
English outside the classroom context by watching English movies, listening to
the original dialogues.

Few empirical studies have been conducted to
test the effectiveness of watching English movies on content comprehension. However,
the case of vocabulary is different; There are a number of studies that
investigated the effectiveness of movies on

vocabulary comprehension. Therefore, this
study could have significant implications for both teachers and students.






This study involved 50 students aged between
14-16 selected from secondary school level students in public school in
Tbilisi. They were both male and female. With regard to nationality and
language background, no difference existed among the participants; all were
Georgian and their mother tongue was Georgian. Furthermore, none of the
participants had lived in any English speaking countries.




study will involve 50 students aged between 14-16 selected from secondary
school level students in public school in Tbilisi. They will be both male and female. Participants will not be
different according nationality and language background. Their mother language
will be Georgian. Moreover, none of them won’t have experience to live in other
country where English is native language.



movies session will be held. These movies will be selected according their
content.  It will be appropriate for
their age, interests, level of language of participants.  The movies will be

Park (1993), Clueless (1995, The Hunger Games (2012), The King’s Speech (2010), The
Queen (2006), The Wizard of Oz (1939), Men in Black (1997), The
Babadook (2014).



each movie, participants will write two tests – one will be multiple-choice
test to check understanding content (comprehension) and second test will
consist of open-ended questions to check understanding of particular words.
Multiple-choice test will include 10 questions. The number of open-ended
questions will be 10 as well. For the comprehension questions will consider the
theme and the subject. The appropriate vocabulary will be selected from each movie for
the vocabulary questions.


participants will have information about the research project to have
motivation and interest. First, the participants will watch the movie. Each
movie will be presented in one session.

movie session the twenty multiple choice questions will be given to
participants. They will consist comprehension and vocabulary questions
related to the movie. The participant will have 30 minutes to answer the



will be calculating after watching each movie and will be analyzed according
types of mistakes. Then results will be compared.