ABSTRACT: emission and environmentally friendly. This study has been

ABSTRACT: Today energy demand is very high due to
increasing population and limited resources of non renewable energy in the
world. So many government, private researchers are search alternative resource
of energy. The emission of fossil fuel like CO2, NOX are harmfully for all
living things and CO2 is reason for global warming. Biodiesel is an alternative
diesel fuel produced from domestic renewable resources like vegetable oil,
animal fat and waste cooking oil .Biodiesel is a biodegradable, lower emission,
high flash point and non toxic in nature. The physical and chemical property of
biodiesel and petro diesel are same but biodiesel is a biodegradable, lower
emission and environmentally friendly. This study has been focused the use of
sunflower biodiesel as an alternative fuel. The Performance and emissions characteristics
of C.I. engine fuelled with sunflower oil methyl ester blended with diesel fuel
is experimentally performed. Biodiesel was prepared from sunflower oil by
transesterification process. The biodiesel, blended diesel and pure diesel are
performed at different loading conditions. The performance and emission
parameters studied are BTE, BSFC, CO, CO2 and NOX. The result was compared and
presented in this thesis. The Sunflower Biodiesel showed the comparable
performance and emissions characteristics as that of diesel. The application of
biodiesel engine in industrial equipment, heavy vehicle engine, marine engine

Sunflower oil, Biodiesel, Transesterification, Diesel engine, Performance and Emission

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is a clean burning alternative bio fuel, which is produced from Sunflower,
karanja, jatropha, waste cooking oil, thumba, soybeans, animal fats sunflowers,
alge etc. These are domestic and renewable source. The extracted crude oil
cannot be used as a directly in diesel engine because it has a high viscosity,
due to high viscosity of pure vegetable oils it will be responsible for high
engine deposits and lubricating oil thickening. That would reduce the fuel
atomization and increase fuel spray penetration. To create a biodiesel blend it
can be blended with conventional diesel. Biodiesel is manufacture from a
chemical process which is known as transesterification. Chemically biodiesel is
referred as methyl esters of long chain fatty acid derived from renewable
biological sources. It can be directly used in the compression ignition engine.
Vegetable oil has been good alternative oil instead of petro diesel oil. Vegetable
oil obtained from renewable resources which is biodegradable, non toxic, less
emission and environmentally friendly nature and can be used blend bio diesel
oil 1. Due to population growth and increasing vehicle demand rapidly
consumption of fossil fuel. So alternative