Abstract: can prove to cause crisis for both species


Intrusion of wildlife is
proved to be destructive for both human beings and animals. The incompatibility
between the human wildlife  is the major cause
that leads to crop damage, injuries caused to both human and animals .In this
system we have put forth wildlife intrusion monitoring using IoT. The wildlife
are captured by using a camera.A GSM notification along with the alarm is
processed to the forest officials indicating that an animal has been detected
in the forest borders and is fast approaching the human habitats. The existing system
also focuses on atmospheric monitoring and therefore it overcomes the drawbacks
of existing system. Thus, we have refined a prototype model that allows
persistent detection and monitoring.

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(Internet of things), camera, wildlife monitoring, atmospheric monitoring GSM,



The rapid increase in
human population has led to the conversion of forest land into human
settlements.Due to this,the wild animals face lack of food and water. However, wildlife
is greatly distressed due to deforestation which forces them to move into human
habitats. It creates tremendous loss to properties and lives. In Times of India
it has been reported that over 1300 people died due to tiger elephant attacks
in India over the past three years. Thus, humans face serious danger and the
time to regain from the huge loss is imperceptible. Human animal interaction
can prove to cause  crisis  for both species and therefore there is a need
for an intelligence supervision  and
perceptive system. Human animal conflict is increased to a higher extent.A
number of factors include elephant habitat structure,weather,animal life etc.
Forest fire is an important hazard that occurs periodically due to the natural
changes, human activities and other factors. In the contemporary  years there is a persistent increase in the
forest fires that causes damage to crops, wildlife as well as to humans.
Therefore, a network based wireless sensor is used for forest fire to achieve
high verdict accuracy for the early detection.

         The approach targets on detecting animals
and sending cautionary messages using GSM and alarm. The humidity of the forest
is measured and maintained.The main aim of our work is to alert the people in
and around the forest borders and to forbid their lives. In an uncontrolled
field environments like desert, forest or trees it is desirable to develop
computer perception tools instead of performing physical field investigation.
These, automated tools helps in many adequate and predictable studies