Abstract a pivotally important role in shaping an organization’s

:In a complex recommended system for job seekers online recruiting websites are
present. Another way is
real time consultancy services. The real-time consultancies are bridge between
job seeker and company. Consultancies
forward job seekers resumes to the company for interview scheduling. But there
is problem in Consultancy services. Consultancy employees forward same resumes
to the different companies and earn money from different companies.In this
system consultancy employee working is tracking by software. This software gets
details information about the employee downloading. The consultancy employee
downloads resume from different online websites and forward to the company. The
messaging system is use for sending alert to the job seeker.


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important functions of  human resource
management are recruiting the candidates and selecting them.Recruitment is the
first stage in the process which


Recruitment and selection can play a
pivotally important role in shaping an organization’s effectiveness and
performance, if work organizations are able to acquire workers who already
possess relevant knowledge, skills and aptitudes and are able to make an
accurate prediction regarding their future abilities.  Recruitment also plays a vital role in
ensuring the worker’s performance and he or she is able to achieve the
organisation’s goals. It is often considered as recruiting a candidate means
replacing the previous one but it’s not the case ,recruiting means selecting a
candidate who can perform at high level within given deadline for specific job.
Starts from the interview and ends with the contract of employment.

Organisations cannot run without a
person. A pillar on which organisation stands is HR management. In highly
compitative environment it becomes tough to select appropriate candidate, it
furnishes an efficient

with securing right information about theapplicant. The main purpose of
selection process is selecting the suitable candidate for the post. It is the
prime role of the administrator and also to look after their further growth and
overall development. potential for further growth and development. The
procedure of selection starts if their is vacancy for the particular job
position..   The recruitment of candidate
is done on the basis of his or her qualification ,available experience and
competency. Few   small   chunks
of words such as job operations  of
the   organizations .  Recruitment is finding the potential   applicants 
 for actual or anticipated org
vacancies thus, it acts as link in   bringing
together the people with jobs analysis, job description,  job design, job evaluation plays a major role
in   this   process. 
 continues with selection and   ends  with
 the  placement  of  candidate.  Organizations cannot run without valuable
sources called personnel. A pillar on   which   an
  organization   stands   Is   human    
 resource management.



(1998) defines Employee recruitment as “practices and activities carried on by
an organization for the purpose of identifying and attracting potential
employees”. MNC’S have plan for recruiting the candidate that not only fills
the vacant position but also adds to the cultuire of organisationl. According
to Costello (2006) recruitment is described as the set of activities and
processes used to legally obtain a sufficient number of qualified people at the
right place and time so that the people and the organization can select each
other in their own best short and long-term interests. Recruitment is one of
the major functions of HRM. It helps the manager to attract and select best
candidates for the organization. Parry & Wilson (2009)  stated 
that  “recruitment  includes 
those  practices  and  activities  carried 
out by  the organization with
the  primary purpose of identifying and
attracting potential employees”. As success of service sector as in case of
civil aviation industry depends upon the human capital, recruitment
of the right people into the service business is crucial to
achieve organizational success (Zheng, 2009).



                       III. PROPOSED METHODS


The consulting industry is one of the
fastest growing business sectors worldwide with new opportunities emerging
continually in hundreds of different fields. But these days, there are many
forgeries in HR Consultancy itself. The Consultancy Employees sell the data
(user resumes) third party companies by themselves to earn the whole net profit
due to which the HR Consultancies are in loss.

This project examines the issues related
to dynamic Human Resource Management of Consultancy. There is no tracking
system for HR Consultancy employee working.

The topic selected for the study is “HR
Consultancy” The main theme of the project is the analysis and interpretation
of practices of the employees using Human Resources as a tool. It is prepared
to know whether the company is preparing well or not; performance of the
company and about its competitiveness by the analysis and interpretation of the
HR Consultancy Process. A critical study of the effectiveness of HR Consultancy
and suggest ways for improvement.

The problem lies in identifying
relationship, mutual understanding between the management and the employees.

AES (Advanced
Encryption Standard)

               The more popular and widely
adopted symmetric encryption algorithm likely to be encountered nowadays is the
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). It is found at least six times faster than
triple DES.   A replacement for DES was
needed as its key size was too small. With increasing computing power, it was
considered vulnerable against exhaustive key search attack. Triple DES was
designed to overcome this drawback but it was found slow.  The features of AES are as follows –     Symmetric key symmetric block cipher, 128-bit
data, 128/192/256-bit keys, Stronger and faster than Triple-DES,  Provide full specification and design details,  Software implementable in C and Java


Levenshtein distance String Matching Algorithm

The Levenshtein
distance is a string  metric for measuring the difference between two sequences.
Informally, the Levenshtein distance between two words is the minimum number of
single-character edits (i.e. insertions, deletions or substitutions) required
to change one word into the oth


example, the Levenshtein distance between “kitten” and
“sitting” is 3, since the following three edits change one into the
other, and there is no way to do it with fewer than three edits:

kitten ? sitten
(substitution of “s” for “k”)

sitten ? sittin (substitution of “i” for

sittin ? sitting (insertion
of “g” at the end).


Levenshtein distance has several simple upper and lower bounds. These include:

It is always at least the difference of the sizes of the two strings.

It is at most the length of the longer string.

It is zero if and only if the strings are equal.

If the strings are the same size.

The Levenshtein distance between two strings.





Architecture includes all those activities that take place to convert
from the old system to the new. The old system consists of manual operations,
which is operated in a very different manner from the proposed new system. A
proper implementation is essential to provide a reliable system to meet the
requirements of the organizations. An improper installation may affect the
success of the computerized system. There are several methods for handling the
implementation and the consequent conversion from the old to the new
computerized system. The most secure method for conversion from the old system
to the new system is to run the old and new system in parallel. In this
approach, a person may operate in the manual older processing system as well as
start operating the new computerized system. This method offers high security,
because even if there is a flaw in the computerized system, we can depend upon
the manual system. However, the cost for maintaining two systems in parallel is
very high. This outweighs its benefits.
Another commonly method is a direct cut over from the existing manual system to
the computerized system. The change may be within a week or within a day. There
are no parallel activities. However, there is no remedy in case of a problem.
This strategy requires careful planning.
A working version of the system can also be implemented in one part of the
organization and the personnel will be piloting the system and changes can be
made as and when required. But this method is less preferable due to the loss
of entirety of the system.





















            V. CONCLUSION

simply means searching for and inspiring prospective employees. The different
and varying behaviours of employees relatively have a significant effect on
different aspects related to the quality management practices.

study reveals that the recruitment and selection process offered in selected
industries is effective. The selection is done by evaluating the candidate’s
skills, knowledge and abilities which are highly required to the vacancies in
selected industries.

The designed
system provides  the ability to assign
tasks to project members. If further worked on, this functionality can assist in
determining the performance of employees based on their ability to finish tasks
on time.






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                               VI. WEBSITES

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