A with others. My decision to pursue this career

A school librarian is a profession that
parallels my passions of both working with children and interacting with
others. My decision to pursue this career has solidified with my personal and
professional life experiences. I am passionate about working with children and
youth because of their inspiring imaginations and ability to be open minded. Working
in a library setting I can both interact and engage with children, while building
connections with others and serving my community.

            As an undergraduate, I took courses
that thoroughly and properly educated me on the development of children ranging
from infancy to adolescence. While having the opportunity to learn and grow in
my interactions and experiences with children I have a deeper understanding of
child development and the appropriate way to speak and engage with children and
youth. My decision to pursue library sciences and ultimately working in a
library setting was a more gradual experience through a series of different

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First, was my experience as a summer
volunteer at a library in my home town. I enjoyed connecting with visitors and
assisting them in locating books.  The
most impactful experiences I had volunteering was while working in the
children’s section. I read books and used puppets to sing songs to children of
different ages. I was eager to be placed in this section and quickly discovered
the children’s, and my own favorite books and authors.  I specifically remember reading the book Brown Bear Brown Bear to a group of
three young children as they sat on the carpet engaged in the story. At their
request, I read this book three times before I decided on another Eric Carle
book to keep their attention.  I was
drawn to the simplicity and creative artwork of this author, this is where my
interest in children’s books began.

The second event that led to my decision to
become a children’s librarian was when I accepted a positon at the Early Child
Development Lab. While working with children daily, I learned things about
myself and different age groups. Through this experience I grew more interested
in the impact and importance of reading to children. I also had the opportunity
to connect with parents of children, answering their questions and suggesting
appropriate interactions for a more successful relationship with their child.  This position elevated my leadership,
teamwork, and communication skills, which are needed to succeed in any career. Both
of these events really attracted to me because I believe both human interaction
and serving in a community are imperative to a fulfilling life.

Being a children’s librarian would help me
reach my goals of promoting the habit of reading to young children and being a
part of the community. The iSchool appeals to me because of the variety of
courses and additional programs and resources offered; there are classes that
directly correspond with my goals of librarianship. With courses like Literature and Resources for Children and
School Library Media Center, I would
learn how to evaluate and select books and resources for children and acquire knowledge
needed to become a successful librarian. With this knowledge, I could
appropriately and effectively select alluring books for children, thus
encouraging the habit of reading. I am also intrigued by courses like The Picture Book: History, Art and Visual
Literacy and Fairy Tales as
Literature; courses like these would allow me to look at librarianship from
a more creative prospective and complement my overall goal of becoming a children’s

With the K-12 Library Information
Specialist Licensure program offered at the iSchool I would gain knowledge of
classroom instruction and obtain field experience in school libraries. Being
accepted into this program would be an essential part of my main intention; it
directly corresponds with my ultimate goal of librarianship.  With the classroom instruction and extensive
field experience offered I would gain a better insight of what librarianship
entails and obtain the confidence needed for pursuing my goals while also
serving in the community.

            Modern technology makes it easy to
forget the importance of promoting the habit of reading, I believe in
storytelling and reading books; children should be given the opportunity to
freely use their imaginations to make their own stories and listen to the
stories offered to them. Introducing and encouraging the art of reading at a
young age assists in building emergent literacy, these early literacy skills
form the foundation on which children will gage their future reading. As a
children’s librarian, I will be able to continue my passion of interacting with
others while exemplifying the attributes I find most rewarding in life.  Attending the iSchool would give me the
opportunity to pursue my passion of ultimately becoming a children’s librarian.