A the past and the present. The rising action

A man named Peyton Farquhar is
standing on a railroad bridge looking twenty feet down

into the fast- moving river. This
story “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is written by Ambrose Bierce. The plot
of the story is written into three sections which go from a flashback to the
present. Each section of the story talks about different things that are occurring,
such as, the past and the present. The rising action of the story is when
Peyton falls into the river, manages to free himself and escape without getting
caught by a soldier. The story is told in third person limited. The setting of
the story is at the Owl Creek Bridge located in Northern Alabama.

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In the first section of the story,
the main character Peyton Farquhar is standing on the railroad bridge looking
down into the river as he was about to be hung. He was preparing himself and
was having a moment, thinking about his life, his family and everything that he
has done. In addition to the second section of the story, a man who is not a confederate
soldier disguised himself by dressing in grey tells Farquhar to burn the
bridge, however as Farquhar was looking down, he was getting a flashback, most
of the story is told in past tense except for the last section. However, the
third section of the story talks about the present it is all about realism.

Not to mention, this section of the
story is where everything gets real, Farquhar life is about to end when he
falls into the river. As an illustration, in the third section, the rope that
was tied around his neck breaks and Farquhar falls twenty feet into the river. With
this in mind, as he falls into the river, he manages to untie his hands from
behind his back and free himself. With this intention, he also gets the noose
off his neck. He stayed under water to save himself and avoid getting caught by
the soldiers. At this point, every soldier shoots at him, but they all miss,
they then threw canon ball at him, but nothing happens the ball just dropped
into the river. They then started to do grape shoots, but they still manage to
miss. As section three of the story comes to an end, no one catches Farquhar.
He escaped and found his way home saw his wife, and then he died.