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A homeowner’s work is never complete when it comes to house maintenance. There is always something or the other to be done especially when there is going to be a seasonal change. Once the harsh winters are gone it is time to relish the sun and the pleasant weather in the spring season. Before the onset of the lovely springtime you need to prepare your home for it. You need to clean up the yard because spring is the time when families and kids spend a lot of time out in the open. Along with that you need to take care of some home repairs and other maintenance work. With the availability of top home cleaning services spring cleaning is no more a mundane task as you can leave everything to the hands of professionals and just sit back and relax.Why spring home maintenance is important?Regular and consistent maintenance of your home is very important. This preserves the value of your home. With every seasonal change it is necessary to do a thorough check of the house in order to know that the house is in proper condition from top to bottom and every nook and corner. Spring home maintenance is important because of the following reasons:·         Value- It helps to add value to your home and maintain it to the fullest.·         Protection – Your home is protected against weather and other kinds of threats.·         Appearance – our property is enhanced in appearance.·         Identify issues- It helps to identify the problem areas of your house so that you can make out that which parts need repair.·         Long term costs are reduced – If regular maintenance of the house is done then long term maintenance costs are automatically reduced. Tips and Tricks for Efficient Spring Home Maintenance Let us present you a guide to maintain your home for spring. Read ahead to find out!General Spring cleaningYou need to clean the clutter from each and every area of the house. Everything from the window casings to the cabinet tops and even the ceiling fan should be cleaned. Fabric draperies can be cleaned in the washing machine or you can give it to the laundry services to ease your work. A damp cloth can be used to clean vinyl or wood blinds. Settled mites, dust and other allergens present in mattresses and furniture can be upholstered. Many home cleaning services offer general spring cleaning so that you are relieved from the Herculean task of doing up every nook and corner of the house.Do not forget the atticIt is important to check the attic after winter because there are chances that leaks might get developed. Also it is seen mice, insects and other critters make their way up to the attic during winters so don’t forget to check for such nesting grounds. Check that the insulation is still intact and see if there are any water damage signs or molds at any place.Inspect the AC and the furnaceCheck your central air unit and AC if they are functioning properly or not so that there will not be any hassles during the summer time when these will be needed the most. See if all the connections are working properly and change the filter. If required get the AC serviced.Check the basementThe basement is one area of the house that is prone to a lot of issues. It becomes more vulnerable during the seasonal change. Ensure that there are no cracks or leaks or no nests of insects or rodents as those can lead to a lot of damage if not taken care of at the right time. Check the hoses of the washing machine, sump pump and also the windows.Check the functioning of the smoke alarmsA seasonal change calls for an inspection of the smoke alarms or your carbon monoxide detectors. Change the battery if needed. Also see that your fire extinguishers are not dented or leaked and the pin is intact.See for molds and leaks at all placesTake time out to check all your bathrooms, bedrooms, doors and windows for any kind of water damage. Mold issues should also be taken care of at the soonest or they get worse with time. If you find that there is a huge amount of mold infestation then it is better to avail professional spring cleaning services as they can eradicate the entire manifestation using advanced tools and supplies.Yard maintenanceYou need to mow your lawn before spring sets in. Stock up on your landscaping supplies like grass seeds and yard bags and also start cleaning your garden beds of unwanted growth.Check the garage and all outdoor lightsThe doors of the garage should be checked and any problem should be fixed. All exterior lights should be fixed or replaced as needed. Also inspect the solar lights in your garden walkways.Get the outdoor furniture out and also the BBQAs spring is the time for outdoor parties and barbecue it is rightly known as the grilling season. So for this you need to bring out the outdoor furniture from the basement. If they are damaged in any way then get them repaired. Then check the functioning of the BBQ and clean it. See if the propane tank needs filling.Check the foundation from the exteriorIt is often seen that a lot of water issues occur in the basement due to the foundation of the house. Take a walk around the exterior of your home and if you find any crack in the foundation then get those fixed as soon as possible or they can lead to a lot of interior damage to the house. You should also check the bricks, walls and siding.So, with our brilliant guide for spring home maintenance you are now well equipped with all the ideas that you need to implement to prepare your house for spring time. 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