A stick of a cigarette. According to Journal of

A lot of harmful
effects can arise from a smoking habit. However, the effect and its severity
usually depend on the exposure history, especially the age of the smokers, when
did they start to smoke, the number of cigarettes that they used per day, and
the substances present per stick of a cigarette. According to Journal of
Clinical and Diagnostic Research, one of the effects of smoking is hearing
loss. It might cause a hearing loss that being common among people who usually
used tobacco. In line with this, Japan and Korea also came with similar
evidence of smoking and hearing loss according to the meta-analysis of studies
that have done in both countries. Tobacco is the most common cause of death and
disability than any single disease (WHO, 1997. WHO fact sheets: fact sheet
number 154) and being the top cause of preventable death worldwide is estimated
to kill more than 5 million of people every single year and most of them are
between in low and middle countries. Tobaccos highly affect the users, once
become addicted; quitting would not be easy and increases its risks to cancer, organ
malfunction and failure.  Chemicals that
are present in cigarette could enter the bloodstream and can affect the entire
body when you smoke. That is why smoking could lead to many causes of diseases
that includes cancers in mouth,  pharynx
(in the upper throat), nose and sinuses, 
larynx (in the voice box), 
esophagus (in the gullet or food pipe), liver, pancreas,  stomach, 
kidney,  bowel, ovary, bladder,
cervix, these are the organs that could possibly be affected when you abused
smoking. Also, it could lead to some types of leukemia, heart disease, and some
lung diseases.  Smoking could lead to gum
disease, that they interfere the attachment of the bone and other soft tissue
to the teeth. And also regularly smoking could also affect the normal function
of the gum tissue cells.