A offensive or hurting someone. This right is protected

A founding fathers
gave Americans Civil liberties to protect us against government actions. Civil
liberties are the freedom given to every individual. Civil liberties give us
the rights such as life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. The government or
anyone cannot change or take away these rights. Civil liberties give every
individual the right to do things that are not illegal and they cannot be
obstructed by the government. Civil liberties mean having freedom of speech,
expression, living, and practice religion. In the United States, government
cannot take away these rights. We are born with these rights. Civil liberties are
protected by the Constitution and bill of rights. Civil liberties are stated as
the amendments in the United States Constitution. Example is the First
Amendment under Bill of Rights. Some of the protection that we get under First
amendments are freedom of religion and freedom of free speech and right to jury
trial and travel freely and right to privacy. I will talk about freedom of
speech. Under the Constitution every individual get right to freedom of speech.
American’s have this right of freedom of speech as long as the words are not
offensive or hurting someone. This right is protected under the constitution.

 The protected
speech will have content based restriction meaning a speech other than the fighting
or violence words is protected. Another example would be commercial speech, a company
gives an add saying television is only for two hundred dollars, but they meant
five hundred dollars. When a person goes in the company does not have to sell
them the television for two hundred because this was a mistake. This speech is
protected under commercial speech because it a mistake. This company sells television
for profit. Commercial speech may be banned if it misleading or if they
advertising illegal products. A government can also do a Central Hudson test for
example they did in a court case Lorillard Tobacco C. v. Reilly. They do this
test to determine whether a regulation for commercial speech is constitutional or
not. Freedom of speech gives the right to advertise commercial products
and professional services with some restriction for example a court case Virginia Board of Pharmacy v. Virginia Consumer Council in 1976. It allows us to engage in symbolic speech like burning
the flag in protest for example court case Texas
v. Johnson in 1989.

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Under Freedom of Speech the unprotected speech is first
content based speech meaning does it have violet speech like I am going to hit
you. Anything that is violent is taken out from the speech content. Second violence
meaning a person using fighting words. Third is Defamation meaning saying
something that is not true and causes a damage for someone for example a court
case Miller v. California in 1973. Fourth
would be child pornography, it is material visually depicts the sexual conduct
by children. This is not protected by First amendment even if it is not offensive.
In 1996, congress passed an act called Child Pornography protection act.  Freedom of speech does not include to burn
draft cards as an anti-war protest for example a court case United States v. O’Brien in 1968. Another
example would be students cannot make offensive speech at a school-sponsored
events a court case example would be Bethel
School District #43 v. Fraser in 1986.