A of suicides in Japan has increased from approximately

A total of 1.62 million single unemployed people between the ages of 20
and 59 are, using the best term available in english, isolated, in
Japanese society.

The study defined as “isolated” those who were:
– not employed
– not receiving education
– not married
– not in contact with family members

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The study also shows that some 2.56 million single people ( between 20-59 ) were not working or studying.

The study, led by University of Tokyo professor Yuji Genda, was
commissioned by the education ministry-affiliated Japan Society for the
Promotion of Science.

Japan has a historical tendency to view suicide as a noble end, and
public health officials have called in the past for a shift in the
dialogue around the issue.

The Japanese government has been working to strengthen suicide
prevention efforts, and has seen some isolated successes. Model projects
in six towns providing comprehensive suicide prevention saw suicide
rates fall by 50 percent over five years, compared with little change in
control towns.

On a national scale, government run anti-suicide television campaigns
created dips in suicide rates during active months in the campaigns.Correlation Between Unemployment And Suicide
The number of suicides in Japan has increased from approximately 22,000
per year from 1988 to 1997 to over 30,000 per year since then, for the
13th straight year with a sharp jump in deaths by those citing grim job
prospects, this increase is among the most important problems facing
Japan. Moreover, the unemployment rate in Japan has increased rapidly
since 1998.

Correlation Between Women And Suicide By Men

Changes in the role of women also may affect suicide. Stack (1998)
argues that higher female labor force participation increases suicide
rates for both men and women; men are challenged in the role as the
breadwinners and are less likely to be comforted in their sorrows due to
the labor force participation of their partners, who are often their
main source of emotional comfort, and women are exposed to the stress of
the employed work life and often face a double burden of paid outside
employment and unpaid housework. Finally, the crime rate can be a
reasonable proxy for the disintegration within a society.