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A political party is a union formed by like-minded people who work together to win elections and gain control of the government. Political parties compete against each other to gain political power to put forth their philosophies and policies into effect. In the United States of America, there are over thirty different types of political parties; with only three different types of political systems. This research paper will analyze and discuss the following: The different types of political parties, process of creating a political party, how they strive and fail; the two main political parties that overshadow the others known as third party and how they it is achieved; the three types of party system, how they were created and how they work in today society. This paper will also evaluate how some political parties are able to maintain their position in the political world, the influences in the political world and the sources of political culture.In the United States of American there are political parties filled with candidates for the public to elect. A political party is an organization that tries to elect its members to public office so that their views can become public policy. The United States is ruled by a republic government; political parties provide the American people a chance to choose from a variety of choices and ideas to represent them. Before a political party becomes official party in the United States, it has to go through a registration process. In this process the first step is to create a party name as well as a logo; there are many limitations with the name and logo of choice. Once aname for the party is chosen, the party has the option to create an abbreviation or acronym. This is the name that will usually show on the ballot. A constitution must be made to clearly state the parties’ views, values, beliefs ideas and goals towards society and the role they think the government should have. Once this constitution is written the party and its members can never contradict it.The next step is to seek an office bearer if the party desires to be registered as an official political party. When seeking an office bearer, the party must do so according to the terms of their constitution. A secretary will be needed to be an assistant to the office bearers. A Registered Officer, whose role is similar to the Office bearer, but is delegated to take on certain responsibilities will also be needed. The Office bearer role is to decide whether or not the parties name or abbreviation will show on the official ballot. They are also the one who has to provide a street address for the party; it does not have to be a residential address; it can be an office address. The name of the registered officer will be written down in the register of political parties. The registered officer has the authority to appoint a deputy registered officer as an assistant but should keep in mind, to do so the registered officer has to fill out an appoint deputy registered officer form.Party Agents are required so that they can lodge the parties’ annual financial disclosure return. Election funding is paid through the party agent; all party agents must meet requirements to be eligible for the job. Obtaining a party membership is the next step to becoming a political party; There are two different types of parties that can be registered: A parliamentary party and a Non-parliamentary party. A parliamentary party has at least one member in the party that is a senator or house of representative. If a political part goes through the registration process as a parliamentary party, then the senator or house of representative of the party needs to sign theparliamentary letterhead to state that they are not a member of another official political party. A non-parliamentary party needs to provide a list with all member of the party including: their name, address, date of birth, along with phone number or email address so that they can be contacted, if this information is not provided it can cause a delay in the application process since everyone needs to be contacted.The membership limit for each party is 550 members, if there’s more than 550 members, the application will be rejected with a request for a lesser amount. Before submitting application, it is highly recommended that the application is thoroughly reviewed to ensure it is correctly filled out with all the necessary information and documents needed. Failure to do so may result with a delay of processing the application. The application fee to become a political party or to change the name/abbreviation is a $500. The time frame for an application to be processed and reviewed is three months; an additional two weeks for advertisement for the party to be published. Also one month is put aside for any disapproval of the application, plus an additional two weeks to finalize the application.Despite the large quantity of political parties in the United States there are only three types of political party systems: One party system, multiparty system and two-party system. In the one-party system the political party and the government are the same. A One- party system is when only one political party runs the government. There are other political parties in this system but they have no power or authority. Usually communist countries have a one-party system government. China is a great example of a one-party system. A one-party system is similar to a monopoly where one person or group is always in charge similar to a dictatorship. It is also easy for corruption to occur because there are no checks and balances in a one-party system that controls and regulate the power of elected official. In this system, the party members are usuallysupported by their: lineage, wealth, military power and religious power. Although these seem like disadvantages, there are many advantages for the public that live in a one-party is that having one political party in control allows for stability in the government. Also secures the continuous economic development since one party is in charge for an immeasurable amount of time, they are able to put their ideas and plans forth without interruption of another political party.