A Mathematics and Arts Exhibition with the name “Carmel

A VISIT TO AN INNOCENT WORLDLike every other school Mount Carmel school had planned to organize Science, Mathematics and Arts Exhibition with the name “Carmel Futura” to encourage students to show their talents. For science exhibition, school teachers wanted their students to demonstrate the parts of skeleton. Hence, two days before the event, I and my colleague were requested to teach the parts of skeleton to students of VIII standard. We loaded skeleton in one of the Professor’s car and reached the school. The most challenging part was to teach parts of human skeleton in Hindi. At the end of the day they memorized almost all the parts taught by us in Hindi and English language. I was glad to see the enthusiasm shown by students in learning. Next day we went to the school to help them revise the parts and its functions. They were ready with the notes by the end of the day. The Principal of the school thanked us and gave us an invitation card to attend the exhibition which was going to start next morning from 8:00 a.m.”CARMEL FUTURA”My day started with a plan to attend an exhibition. As soon as I reached the entrance of the school, I saw the surrounding area crowded with parents and the students of 5-6 years old beautifully dressed and walking down the street to enter the school. This view made me remember my school days.The school was very well decorated with different shades of colour. Near the Principal’s office, I saw a boy of 10-12 years old dressed in white silk Sherwani with two red roses in his hands. My inquisitiveness made me ask him the reason of such dressing. He confidently replied, I AM A MAGICIAN and waiting to welcome Honourable Chief Guest.On my way to the class where we had trained few female students of VIII standard, I saw a lot many exhibits displayed by students from nursery to XII standard with each class working on a different theme. Our students were well-prepared with the details to demonstrate on the skeleton. I wished them good luck for their presentation and came down to visit a room on first floor which had a theme of Zoo. In that room I found the most innocent nursery kids dressed in the costumes of Elephants, Peacock, Butterfly, Giraffe, Zebra, etc. They were totally unaware of what they are supposed to do. They were waiting for Chief Guest and meanwhile few students got tired of standing so they just sat down.Second floor was for students of V-IX standard to display their imagination. Models and charts of ‘Primitive age’, ‘urban occupation’, ‘Airplane parking area’ etc. were displayed and explained by students in a very meticulous way.The top floor was occupied by students of X-XII standard who had innovative ideas to exhibit. Maths loving group had charts and theories to prove that “THERE IS NO LIFE WITHOUT MATHEMATICS” contrary to Music loving group of students thinking music is the essence of life in good and bad times. I liked a quote written over there which said “WHEN WE ARE HAPPY WE LISTEN TO MUSIC. WHEN WE ARE SAD WE UNDERSTAND THE LYRICS”. Next to this room was a horror room which attracted a huge crowd. I could not enter the room as there was a long queue to visit the room but was able to hear some horrible sounds coming out of the room.Overall it was a wonderful experience. It made me feel that I had got a chance to visit a different world, though this was the only world I knew before leaving school. I think, once in a while, it is necessary for all of us to take a break from our busy and tiresome schedule and visit world of such innocence which can give us a feeling of contentment.Dr. Shweta PatelAssistant ProfessorForensic Medicine and ToxicologyGAIMS, Bhuj