A Los Angeles area for students wanting to get

A few months ago in October I moved to California from Louisiana. I started my last year of high school at a new school, in a new place. Prior to moving here, I had wanted to move from Louisiana to some place else, where I might find more opportunities to begin a career path; this is the year that it happened. For as long as I can remember I wanted to become involved in the Film Industry, but for a while I had no idea what aspect of that industry I wanted to be involved with. Just a couple of years ago I decided I wanted to become a casting director. I would love to attend the University of California, Los Angeles once I graduate high school. One of the reasons that I would like to attend UCLA are the many internship opportunities in the Los Angeles area for students wanting to get into casting. I plan to take advantage of as many opportunities as I can once I begin studying for a major in film production.  In addition to film, I am also interested in politics. I plan to minor in political science and use my time at college to become more involved with the political process. Taking ROP Focus on Achieving Successful Transition (FAST) as one of my courses this year has taught me some rather valuable skills and lessons that I will definitely incorporate into my life and my future career. My teacher has been a constant motivator and has encouraged me and my classmates to follow our dreams and aspirations. Besides the moral support I have acquired, I have also learned some practical lessons including how to prepare a resume and write a cover letter, something I had no idea how to even begin before this class. With the help of my teacher, I have also been able to get acquainted with the hiring process and afterward, how to succeed in my career of choice. I know what I have learned will be essential for me in continuing my education and working toward the goals I have set for myself. Receiving recognition for the hard work I have put into my education has given me an even more powerful desire to pursue my dreams and take on my ambitions. I look forward to pursuing higher education and achieving my aspirations.