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 A Better Tomorrow ; Assignment # 1  Name : Sandeep Singh  Student Number : 300288056  Course: BUSN 1210 Section 003  Due Date = 28/1/2018   Institute name : Douglas Collage  Instructor Name : Mr .Kenneth Eng            OUTLINE :: The idea of donating pair of shoe on every pair sold around the world . This idea is changing the world helping the under poverty people  to overcome the problem of “padoconiosis” also known as elephantia  Q no = 1 Ans;  according to the Buzzsaw report they said if they make similar shoes like Toms is making it would cost around the 25$ but company tom selling it for 54$ which is means that its covering the second shoes price also and making 4$ profit on every pair of shoes donated. But don’t bothers because its give them a pleasure of doing something good for society . In these terms toms balancing between profit and social service   Q no = 2 Ans :  Toms is focused on providing basic amenities to people who are not able to afford these example, they providing not only shoes for needy one’s but also providing the fresh drinkable water over 70 countries. They also focusing the children who don’t have school bags. In these terms they covering all three social work    Q no = 3 Ans :: Donating a one thing on a buy of similar product is a great idea . Its working successfully because company is still growing to develop new products they don’t stucked on one product they evolving time by time. They meeting every need of people which makes a placebo effect for people helping the others.  Q no = 4 Ans :: yes the connection of charity  attracts people to buy the product of company . Its act as placebo effect the individual is directly helping the needy people . The helper is not applicable to go door to door and help people so they buy products and considers that they are helping them  which makes a sentimental connection and internal satisfaction for those people who want to help others which ultimately help company to grow    References Q no 1  Author or Company: Ethics workshop (E.W) Name: Case : profit and philanthropy at Toms shoes Date: march 7 2014       4.    Title of  video : Profit and                                  philanthropy at Toms shoes       5.   Retrieved from URL :   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWlUPjz4DPA              (youtube) Q no 2  Author or Company : Andrew Mccarthy (MC) Screen name : Toms vs. Nike Corporate Social Responsibility   Date of published : Published on Oct    26/2015 Retrieved from URL :www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-4IgRLbt1Q           ( youtube) Q no 3      1. Author or Company : Andrew                                Mccarthy (MC) 2. Screen name : Toms vs. Nike Corporate        Social Responsibility 3..Date of published : Published on Oct                 26/2015 4.Retrieved froURL:www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-4IgRLbt1Q           ( youtube)  Q no 4 https://www.pri.org/stories/2013-10-08/toms-shoes-rethinks-its-buy-one-give-one-model-helping-needy               (google)